Spring Elections 2014


All the results for the Executive Committee and Council elections have now been declared and can be found below on the CUSU Web Site.

The delay in announcing the results was caused by a number of factors. There was an issue with the electronic voting system which failed to acknowledge the votes cast for a short period of time but all votes cast were recorded on the data base. This failure caused some candidates to record multiple votes which required us to clean the data of multiple votes, to inform the Returning Officer and to interview the candidates for their opinions to advise the Returning Officer accordingly.

All of this took time to complete and to ensure that the votes were accurately recorded and communicate this clearly to the Returning Officer who needed to consider the situation. The Returning Officer permitted us to release the results, which we could not do otherwise, on Wednesday 5th March.

We shall be investigating the causes of the system failure which did occur in to order to eliminate this in the future.

We received a record number of nominations (up 50% on the previous year) and huge increase in individual voters this year (nearly a 100% increase on the year).

The deadline for submitting election complaints is Friday March 7th at noon.

Ross McGroarty
On behalf of the Executive Committee of CUSU



Returning Officer, Emma Powell has ruled the following;


"Having considered the complaint we received from Harry Cook, the election rules, the election guide and the Facebook message you (the Elections Standards Committee) submitted as evidence. As NUS’s returning officer on this occasion I have decided to uphold the complaint in reference to the submission of publicity and rule in favour of the candidate. This decision has been made on the following grounds:


· The candidate submitted publicity in time, albeit via a different medium than was mentioned at the briefing

· Whilst we accept that candidate was aware that the publicity should have been handed in in person, the candidate made effort to contact the union to notify them that the publicity would be submitted in a different format. This includes reference to trying to attempting to get a fellow student to hand in publish on their behalf

· The election guide and rules do not state how publicity should be submitted – we can only interpret the bye laws as written

· Whilst I understand other candidates have referenced the unfair advantage this may give to the candidates, I do not feel that this is substantial or likely to unduly impact on the outcome of the election


My primary duty is to the electorate. In this case it is ensuring that the electorate are able to make an informed decision based on the promises candidates make. Given that this publicity was submitted in time and effort was made to contact the union, I feel it is right that the electorate have access to this publicity material. In my view, a physical hand in is somewhat prohibitive and should be reviewed for future years."

N.B. This ruling has been made in regard to an electronic submission prior to the deadline and the candidate in question did attend the candidates meeting; seperate rulings made on publicity will be upheld. If anyone has any further queries on this, please email elections.su@coventry.ac.uk, or speak to Ross McGroarty, the Communications and Commerical Officer, who is located upstairs in the Hub.


From Ross McGroarty, Chair of the Elections Standards Committee;

We have received complaints during the current elections about opinions on candidates which may considered to be offensive; I should like to make it clear that those opinions are not representative of the views of CUSU.


Positions Available:

To see all Executive Candidates Click HERE:

  • Democracy & Campaigns Officer
  • Sport & Wellbeing Officer
  • Communications & Commercial Officer
  • Representation & Welfare Officer
  • Student Activities Officer
  • Engineering & Computing Faculty Chair
  • Health & Life Sciences Faculty Chair
  • Art & Design Faculty Chair
  • Business, Environmental and Society Faculty Chair
  • London Campus Chair (Only available for students studying at Coventry University London Campus)


To see all Council Candidates Click HERE:

  • Student Council Block of 20
  • Ethnic & Cultural Councillor
  • LGBT+ Councillor
  • Womens' Councillor
  • Disabled Students' Councillor
  • Mature Students' Councillor
  • Part Time Students' Councillor
  • Postgraduate Students' Councillor
  • Students with Caring Responsibilities
  • International Students Councillor


Past Elections

March 2013

From Ross McGroarty, Chair of the Elections Standards Committee:


We have received complaints during the current elections about opinions on candidates which may considered to be offensive; I should like to make it clear that those opinions are  not representative of the views of CUSU.