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Another year has flown right by us and another Source team is needed! 

If you’re interested in journalism and media or just fancy getting involved in something you’ve never done before, you’ve come to the right place. 

Gain skills such as chairing a meeting, managing a team, working at a range of events and networking within the creative industry. Think you’ve got what it takes? Well here’s what you need to do…

Complete the application form below and send in two pieces of work that you are proud of and that are relevant to the role you’re going for. 

These positions also include a bursary, don’t we spoil you! There will be 15minute takeover sessions, where you can quiz me all you like about what Source is and why you should become a manager for 2015/16. 15minute takeover slots will be happening 2nd – 6th March every morning at 9am and lunchtime at 1pm, outside CUSU reception in the HUB.

The following roles are up for grabs:

  • Radio – Radio Manager, Radio Deputy Manager or Radio Technical Manager
  • TV – TV Manager, TV Deputy Manager or TV Technical Manager
  • News – Editor in Chief, Entertainment Editor, World Updates Editor, Fashion Editor, Sports Editor, Societies Editor, News and Views Editor.

Click here to download the Application Form ! Once complete email to :  along with the two pieces of work that you are proud of and that are relevant to the role you’re going for.

The Youth Work Conference


So, at first I was excited, yet nervous as to what to expect for such a big conference. With the itinerary made very simple and straightforward by the Reps department, particularly Grace, for me I did not get lost at all, woohoo!!

I think now it is time to add how amazing this opportunity was for me!! I am so grateful to Coventry University Students’ Union who could offer this to me, with absolutely no cost also, bonus! I think that’s what makes our students’ union so great.

On arrival to the end of the conference I was so absorbed not just by all the freebies, cheeky, but all the knowledge and people I met. It has truly helped me increase my knowledge on my course, attending lectures and having your standard workshops are great, to an extent. I mean we all learn in different ways, maybe some of us need a bit more audio to our learning and that’s what I was given. An opportunity where I could enjoy my day and also learn so much more and expose myself to many more opportunities and employers.

I would deeply like to thank CUSU for this and hopefully this opportunity can soon become MORE available to MORE students because it will also look great on your CV!

By: Najmin Begum

Source News Introduction


If you’re reading this you will be experiencing your first encounter with Source Media! Here at Source we look to help provide students with everything they need to get involved with student journalism. Whether you’re a budding journalist or have a knack for broadcasting, Source Media will have you covered!

The Source is Coventry University’s student newspaper that gives you the latest news from around the university, as well reporting on the universities sports and societies. The Source is the perfect opportunity for those wanting to get involved in print media to get their articles published!

At Source TV, you’ll become involved in an ever-expanding society of broadcasters who will help you to get started with the basics in visual communications. Whether you’re interested in working behind the scenes with the camera or editing, or if you’re keen on becoming a presenter, Source TV will be able to accommodate you.

Source Radio is Coventry’s top student radio program where students can host their own two-hour live shows and broadcast them across the university. Source Radio gives students the opportunity of planning and producing Radio shows for any market they please. From intellectual talk shows to just playing your favorite tunes, Source Radio will get you on air.

Look out for us at the Fresher’s fair and get involved with us on Facebook at Source Media. We look forward to working with you!

Luke Beasley