Welcome to the Coventry University Pokemon Society Page! We have meets from 5pm-8pm on a Friday in the Junction Room, which is down the stairs in the Foundation Campus Building. This involves quizzes, a tabletop adventure and general socialising!

We will frequently be collaborating with other societies too, so you have a great chance to meet new people. Tournaments and Leagues for the video games and trading card games run regularly to, so if you have a competitive streak in you, there’s no better way for you to express that than here!

Aims and Objectives

1) To cater for Pokémon video game and trading card game players both casually and competitively

2) To appreciate the Pokémon films and anime

3) To allow members to meet new people with similar interests

4) To collaborate with other societies within the university on a regular basis

5) To treat everyone within the society equally and with respect


Membership Fee
Membership for the society is £2.00 for the whole academic year.