Sport 4 Socialisation UK (S4S UK)


Sport 4 Socialisation UK (S4S UK)

S4S UK works to improve lives of children with disabilities and their families in Zimbabwe. Children with disabilities are often hidden, locked up and isolated from society. They find their rights being violated. S4S provides opportunities for inclusion in education, healthcare (physiotherapy, medication, assistive devices) and runs community programmes, like an adapted physical activity with a life skills programme. The caregivers of the children are supported with training and small-scale livelihood projects. Through these programme their chances in life increase significantly and children have a chance to become equal members in society.

Volunteering Opportunity

New opportunity – Graphic Designer – S4S UK is looking for a graphic designer to join our team on a voluntary basis for several design activities. They are looking for support for the development of posters, flyers and presentations. In addition, they would also want all there documents, annual reports and policies to be developed using our corporate identity. Knowledge about the development of campaigns for social media is welcome.

Fundraiser – individual market: Are you up to date with social media? Do you like motivating people to support a good cause? We are looking for a fundraiser who can assist us to develop and implement our fundraising strategy for the individual market. S4S UK whishes to develop its individual donor database. So, if you like an exciting opportunity to which you can put in your own voice, this is the opportunity for you.

Duties Fundraiser – individual market:

  • Develop a fundraising strategy for the private market.
  • Implement the strategy to attract new individual monthly donors (for example: through social media, Text giving and other channels.

Fundraising – event group: One, two or more students who are interested in organising regular fundraising events at Coventry University, around Coventry, at home or any other desirable and possible location. Think about monthly stalls, lunches, cake sales, football matches, runs (like 10km/21km), tea party, dress up/down days, disco’s or any other fun activity that you can think of!

Duties Fundraiser – event group:

  • Develop a plan for various fundraising activities.
  • Organise and coordinate the fundraising activities.

Where and When

  • The volunteer(s) will be home based, or working from the University. Regular Skype contact and face-to-face meetings with S4S UK’s representative shall be planned. 
  • The Fundraiser – Events: Depends on the activities they can organise, commits to at least organising one event.
  • Fundraiser – Individual market: A set timeframe for the development of the strategy will be developed. Implementation afterwards will be drafted together with the volunteer to which he/she can commit a couple of hours per week for a certain time.


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