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Coventry University Social Enterprise: UPD8 Workshop- Why Sales Should be Easy
14th July noon - 2pm
Where & why do you sell? Getting the mindset right, building rapport through questioning , objection Handling . These are all subjects that will be covered in our sales workshop led by business coach and social entrepreneur
How Food Can Save The World
21st July 11am - 2pm
Food shapes our lives, yet since its influence is too big to see, most of us are unaware of the fact. We are organising a webinar to celebrate innovations and future of agri-food.
Coventry University Social Enterprise: UPD8 Workshop- Social Media Marketing
4th August noon - 1:30pm
Learn how to make the most of your social media channels for marketing your business with creative entrepreneur and Coventry University Online Marketing and Entrepreneurship lecturer, Ian O'Donnell.

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