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Academic Support- SUAC (Student Union Advice Centre)

Advice and information to support you through any academic problems which you might have during your studies


Academic Appeals

An Academic Appeal is a request for a review of your results, progress or award decision agreed by the Programme Assessment Board (PAB). Your appeal must be based on grounds (reasons) and submitted witho 10 working days of your results being released on SOLAR. The specific grounds on which you can apply for an appeal include, procedural irregularity, unfair or improper assessment, orextenuating circumstances which you could not control.

There is more information, and the Appeal Form here

Academic Misconduct

If the University believes you have not followed good academic practice, you will be invited for a meeting with an Academic Conduct Officer (ACO). In the meeting, the ACO will ask whether you understand why you’ve been invited to the meeting and explain what the problem is.

There is more information here and in the Academic Misconduct Guide

Academic Writing

You can access academic writing to help you write well and honestly, and reference properly.


If you are unhappy and want to complain or put something right, guidance is slightly different for each campus.

A complaint could be about wrong information, staff behaviour, poor service, the way a course is run, or if the University has not followed regulations properly.

If you want the problem resolved less formally, you can go through the Conciliation process, or speak to your Course Rep.

Changing or Leaving Your Course

If you wish to change or leave your course, you will need to complete a withdrawal form

Before leaving you should speak to your course team. The University Talent Team can help you with planning for the future.

How we can help you

SUAC can advise you about student finance from Student Finance England, and about accommodation contracts, and help you fill in the withdrawal form here.

Deferrals and Extensions

CU Coventry, CU London (Dagenham and Greenwich), CU Scarborough and Wroclaw students should check the guidance here:

Coventry University and Coventry University London campus students:

The University has a 24 hour grace period for submitting coursework. It does not apply to extensions, exams or presentations. Notify your module leader if you have used this grace period. There’s no guarantee that the work will be accepted, use the grace period only when you have to and at your own risk!

Otherwise, if you’re struggling with an assignment, you can request an extension or a deferral.

There is more information, and the extension and deferral form here:


The University expects students to follow the Code Of Conduct.  If you don’t, you may be invited to a Disciplinary Panel. SUAC can prepare you for your panel, support you in the meeting, and proofread your statement.

Fitness to Practice Procedure

Some courses check that students are safe to work with others. If there are any doubts about the behaviour of a student, if students may put others at risk or be at risk themselves, or if students have not reached professional standards, they may be invited to Fitness to Practice meetings or panels. These are very serious.

Results, Resits and Repeats


Once you have submitted your work or exam paper, you may receive provisional marks but your marks are not official until they’re released on SOLAR. If you are unhappy with your marks, see the Academic Appeals section above.


A resit means resubmitting your assessment without teaching. You will not be charged tuition if you are resitting. Resit dates will be linked to on your SOLAR, your Faculty Registry and course team will know them too. Resits are capped at 40%.


A repeat is retaking a module, with teaching. You will be charged pro rata tuition for the modules which you are retaking. You may need to reenrol on your course. Retakes are capped at 40%.

Student Status Letters

You may need a student status letter for council tax exemption.

You can find more information about this on the Wayfinder tool here.

If you are a part time, ERASMUS, Pre-sessional English student, or if you’re having problems, email

SUAC can provide further advice and support if you are struggling with any of the above. Contact us on

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