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The end of the Transition Period will see the introduction of new immigration rules which will impact on EU and EFTA nationals currently living in the UK or looking to study or work in the UK in the future.

Under the UK Government’s EU Settlement Scheme (see EU and EFTA nationals currently living in the UK can apply for settled status (if they have been continuously resident in the UK for over 5 years) and pre-settled status (if they arrive before end of 2020 but have not yet been resident for over 5 years) until 30 June 2021. A clear explanation of the EU Settlement Scheme is available on this link: How to apply for settled status for EU citizens (Freemovement)

The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) also provides clear guidance on the implications of changes to UK immigration rules and the ending of the Transition Period (including the EU Settlement) on their Brexit pages: Brexit – what we know for EEA citizens and their family (UKCISA)

Important dates to note:

  • Up to the end of 31 December 2020 EU and EFTA nationals may come freely to the UK and apply under the EU Settlement Scheme for settled or pre-settled status
  • After 31 December 2020 all EU and EFTA nationals coming to the UK will need to comply with the new points-based immigration system. For prospective students this new route will for applications from prospective students from EU and EFTA countries is set to open from 5 October

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