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Travel to/from the UK after end of the Transition Period

Freedom of movement between the UK and the EU will come to an end from 1 January 2021, with the end of the Transition Period. This means new border controls will be introduced, as well as the new points-based immigration system taking effect. These changes will happen no matter what the outcome is on the current negotiations between the UK and EU on a future agreement.

Therefore, all students need to be prepared for these changes and for potential disruptions during travel to and from the UK, as new systems and new rules bed down.

Depending on where you are travelling from, you may wish to check your government’s website for foreign travel advice. There is foreign travel advice available from the UK government website.


Travellers need to ensure they have at least 6 months left on their passport before travelling to or from the UK.

This information is based on current government guidance and published advice. It must be used in conjunction with the information referenced on the website. Coventry University and Coventry University Students' Union accept no legal responsibility for the information provided. We will update students across the University Group with additional information as it is published.

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