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Fuel supply

Read your gas and electricity meter and contact your fuel supplier(s). You need to let your supplier know you are the new tenant(s) and give them the current meter readings otherwise you could end up paying the previous tenants bill.

If you aren’t sure who your suppliers are you can check on this website.

Gas safety

Make sure you have a copy of the gas safety certificate. Your landlord is required to arrange for a gas safety check to be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer every 12 months. Check the Gas Safe Register.

Fire safety

If you have smoke alarms make sure they work. If smoke alarms haven’t been installed already fit them yourself, they’re cheap and effective. Just make sure they comply with British Safety Standards and remember to regularly check they’re working.

Work out your exit route. In the event of a fire you need an adequate means of escape from wherever you are in the house


  • Ensure you have a detailed list of all the items in the household supplied by the landlord. Make sure you note the condition of the contents as well. You don’t want a deduction from your deposit for damage caused by a previous tenant
  • If the inventory supplied by the landlord isn’t correct don’t sign it.
  • If the landlord/agent doesn’t supply an inventory download one from here link to SUAC inventory
  • Take photos when you move in and out of the property to document the condition it is in
  • Contact the landlord immediately if anything is damaged or missing and make sure they sign the inventory to agree


A deposit is the amount of money, normally one month’s rent, that a landlord or agent keeps until the end of your contract. The deposit protects them (and you) if there is any damage or unpaid rent during your time in the property. Landlords are required by law to protect your deposit in a deposit protection scheme. You must also be given certain prescribed information within 30 days of paying your deposit. For more information go to the Deposits webpage


Take out personal belongings (contents) insurance.

Check out the National Crime Statistics which show students to be top of the at risk list when it comes to being burgled.

Rubbish and Recycling

You can find out what day your bin is collected, what to put in your recycling bin, how to report a missed bin collection and everything rubbish and recycling related if you download the “Your Rubbish” app or go to the Coventry City Council webpage.

Being a good neighbour

Make sure you go round and say hello to your new neighbours and introduce yourselves, you are going to be living next door to each other for at least a year.

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