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Feeling Stressed about moving out? As long as you find out what you need to do it can be really simple getting your deposit back should be guaranteed.


If you are renting a shared property you are all jointly responsible for its condition when you move out, although the degree of joint liability can vary depending on the type of tenancy agreement you’ve signed. As a rule of thumb communal areas will almost always be the responsibility of everyone. 

Work out in advance how you will clean the property and divide up the tasks for the communal areas. That is the

  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • lounge
  • corridors, stairs
  • and any outside space
  • (and cellar area if you have one)

It is a good idea to talk to your house-mates now and try to agree a day to get together to clean up, as everyone starts disappearing after exams.

If you are renting a shared property you are all jointly responsible for its condition at the end of your tenancy. Generally, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom is 50% of the task of cleaning the whole property, so just cleaning your own room is not contributing your fair share.

Top tips for moving out

  1. Why not ask your landlord/ agent to do an inspection to point out anything you need to do to return the house in an acceptable condition?
  2. Taking a stand and not cleaning the house because no one else is will not be an acceptable reason for your landlord! You will all end up losing some of your deposits.
  3. Bathroom - Not cleaning the toilet or the bathroom suite can cost £50 - £100. This is the time it can take for professional cleaners to clean the area properly.
  4. Oven and Grill - It can take a lot of cleaning to do this properly. This again could take two visits for cleaning fluid to be left overnight and can cost in excess of £95.00.
  5. Upcycling – after you have finished all your cleaning if there is any clothing, household goods or furniture you no longer want that is still in good condition don’t leave it in the house, or dump it on the street.  This may affect your deposit and may also incur charges from Coventry City Council.  Instead you can donate your goods to charity for more information contact

Utility bills - closing your accounts

The landlord/agent may retain your deposit until you provide written proof showing that all the bills have been paid. This may include an exemption letter for your Council Tax bills. This stipulation, if applicable, should be set out in your contract.

A few weeks before you move out, contact the utility companies and let them know the final date of your tenancy. Read the meters on the final day and inform the company to close your account and get the final bill sent on to your forwarding address. Keep a record of the meter readings. As soon as you have paid the final bills, make sure you send proof to the landlord/agent.

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