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National Money Week Bootcamp; Join the 3-day email learning bootcamp to get your finances in shape to withstand any storm. You’ll learn about building an emergency pot, insurance and other essentials.

Prizes include: 4 x £250 emergency pot funds, 1-2-1 with independant financial advisors

National Money Week Bootcamp

Take the CUSU Spot The Scam Quiz! Think you've got what it takes to spot some of these common scam tactics?

Prizes include: 5 x £50 vouchers to be won for the top scorers!

Spot The Scam Kahoot Quiz!

Advice & E-Books

National Student Money Week | Free E-book!

Just when you think you’ve got everything figured
out, the world takes an unexpected turn. In light of
recent events, the future might seem less certain
than ever... but the future has always been
uncertain. It’s unexplored territory. No one can give
you a map, because no one’s ever been there.

Money Tips & Advice

Are you budgeting, do you know how to deal with debt, are you informed about credit cards and overdrafts, know about your student finance?



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