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Current location: Coventry


CUSU is proud of the diverse student population we have here on campus. Students of all races, religions, beliefs, and backgrounds come to study here at Coventry, and it makes our campus unique and vibrant to have so many people coming together.

On campus we celebrate huge cultural and religious events such as Chinese New Year, Ramadan, and Christmas. In addition, we celebrate LGBT+ History Month, Black History Month, AIDS Awareness Day, One World Week, International Women’s Day, Trans Day of Remembrance, and Go Green.


Unfortunately at times, we need to intervene to keep campus a safe, equal, and diverse place to study. CUSU upholds a strict zero tolerance policy on unacceptable behaviours. Sexual harassment and hate crime are not tolerated on campus and will be dealt with accordingly. If you need to report any unwanted behaviour you can do so online at

You can also email or speak to an advisor. Visit our reception desk on the first floor of The Hub to book an appointment. All information will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

We want to preserve and continue CUSU’s tradition of diversity and equality among all our students. With your help, we can make this happen and make CUSU bigger, better, and more welcoming to even more students.

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