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Please be aware that memberships are no longer available for the archery club.

Club Information

Archery is a historic sport; nearly every culture on earth has created their own bows and arrows over time.
This has led to a vast number of bow styles; you may be most familiar with English longbow and Olympic style recurve.
Not only are there many different bow styles, there are lots of forms of archery; target, field, clout and flight!
Archery is inclusive; you may have heard of archers with disabilities such as Matt Stutzman and Jodie Grinham.

Our club is growing in size and competitiveness; we still hang out at the pub and run the occasional social though!
Our aims for future development are to shoot outdoors more and compete more with other universities and clubs.


All sessions are held in Priory Hall.

Please be aware that Priory Hall is occasionally unavailable for sessions.
More information for this is available in the club calendar.

The following options are available to you if you are unable to go to other sessions, please let us know if you would be interested.

  • Thursday and Friday evenings at Archery Legends in Loughborough (£10 for a 3 hour session)
  • Saturday and Sunday all day at Archery Legends in Loughborough (£10 for a 3 hour session)

Regular Training Times

  • Monday 2pm-4pm
  • Tuesday 8pm-10pm
  • Thursday 3pm-5pm
  • Saturday 12pm-2pm

Please be aware these may change when the outdoor season starts.

Beginners' Course

Beginners' course sessions are compulsory for novices upon joining the club.

Beginners' course sessions will resume September 2019.


Dates for coaching sessions will be displayed here.

Club Committee

  • President - Rebecca Cusworth
  • Vice President - Beth Tuckey
  • Treasurer - Ben Everett
  • Equipment Officer - Abigail State
  • Development Officer - Andrew Hughes
  • Novice Officer - Thomas Gill
  • Novice Officer - Jeffri Wong



Pub trips - Tuesdays from 10pm


Club Competitions


External Competitions

We will aim to cover entry fees so everyone can have the chance to enter competitions.
If for any reason we are unable to do so, we will give advanced warning of this.

BUTTS Division 2, Leg 1
Portsmouth round
19th January 2019
DeMontfort University
Entries Closed

BUTTS Division 2, Leg 2
Portsmouth round
2nd February
Northampton University
Entries Deadline: 27th Jan.

County and West Midlands Archery Association Campionships
Portsmouth round
3rd February 2019
B20 2BQ
Entries Deadline: 25th Jan.

BUCS Northern Qualifiers
Portsmouth round
16-17th February 2019
Edinburgh Napier University
Entries Closed

BUCS Final
WA18 round
16th March 2019
University of Leeds

Useful Links

Social Media

  • Facebook Group (members only)
  • Twitter - @ArcheryCov
  • Instagram - covuniarchery

Club Calendar

O - Session is on
X - Session is cancelled
? - Event

January 2019  

  O O 4 X 6
X X 10  X 11  12  X 13
14  X 15  X 16  17  X 18 19  O ? 20
21  O 22  O 23 24  O 25 26  O 27
28  O 29  O 30 31  O      


February 2019  

        1 O ?
O O 6 O 8 O 10
11  O 12  O 13  14  O 15 16  O ? 17  ?
18  O 19  O 20 21  O 22 23  O 24 ?
25  O 26  O 27 28  O      


March 2019  

        1 O 3
O O O 8 X 10
11  X 12  X 13  14  X 15  16  X ? 17
18  X 19  X 20 21  X 22 23  O 24
25  O 26  O 27 28  O 29 30  X 31

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