Introduction and General Information


Have you always wanted to do fencing but never had the chance? Are you an experienced fencer looking to refine your skills? Is this the first time you have ever heard about fencing? If any of that is true, you've come to the right place. Fencing as a sport originated from the development of swordsmanship for duels and self-defence, and is one of the five activities that have been played in every modern Olympic Games.

Coventry University Fencing Club, founded in 2004, aims to promote Fencing across campus and accommodate all Coventry University students, no matter if they are an experienced fencer or a beginner who wishes to learn the sport.

If you are an experienced player, feel free to drop by a session to fence with us; if you are a beginner who wants to learn how to fence, all you have to do is join one of our sessions—we'll teach you the basics and train you in the weapon of your choice. Just remember to come in gym attire!

We are kit included, so there is no need to buy your own equipment! Our kit is provided by Leon Paul London (see below). We practice all three weapons: foil, epée and sabre.

We have weekly training sessions taking place in Priory Spots Hall (CV1 5FB) during term time:


 Monday  7:00–9:00 pm
 Friday  6:30–8:00 pm


Our Monday sessions are coached by our Level 3 BFA coach, and our Friday session by our Development Officer.

Furthermore, we organise socials for our members on a regular basis, usually after training sessions.

The Club received the Best Small Club Award for 2013-14.

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Aims and Objectives

  • Promote fencing as both a competitive sport and a leisure pursuit at Coventry University and in the wider community.
  • Accommodate all students that wish to join the Club, whether they are beginners or more experienced Fencing players by providing training in all three weapons, granting them use of the Club’s equipment and holding regular training sessions.
  • Encourage and support members who wish to fence competitively to do so within local leagues and wider competitions.
  • Liaise with other local fencing clubs to promote university fencing and to organise friendly competitions with other fencing clubs.
  • Organise regular social interactions between Club members following training sessions.




The first two weeks (1st-15th October) of the semester are free of charge, so be sure to join us! Afterwards, new participants can come for up to two free taster sessions before having to buy membership.

The membership is £70 (minus Sports Insurance that is £10) and lasts for the entire academic year. It allows you:

  • Access to our fencing equipment.
  • Participation in our training sessions.
  • Participation in all competitions we enter (we covers travel costs but not entry costs)
  • Membership of our Facebook member-only group.
  • Invitations to our socials.

It also helps us sustain the Club as it is invested into coaching fees, equipment upkeep costs and other expenditure which goes towards improving the Club.

If you join only for the second semester, a discounted price of £35 is offered.

Please note that if you are not a student, you can not join us, unless you are a Covetry University alumni or staff member.


Committee Members

 Rodolfos Maslias
 Vice President  Delfin Chao
 Treasurer  Edward Eves
 Development Officer  Wael Saleh



Competitions and Coaching Courses

We take part in annual & smaller competitions happening across the West Midlands and the UK. Our competitions schedule is as follows:
  • Warwick University National Novices Tournament 2018: Saturday 8th December, 9am - 6pm, Main and Desso Hall, Warwick Sports Centre. Check out the Facebook event here, with more information.
  • BUCS Individual Championship: 15th-15th February, Sheffield.
  • Varsity 2019: Friday 22nd Febraury, University of Warwick Sports Centre. Our biggest competition of the year, where we face off against Warwick University Fencing Club!

Are you interested in getting a coaching qualification? You can find all the British Fencing coaching courses available on their website, and we can also provide you with the opportunity to help lead one of our sessions, if you are interested.


Clothing and Equipment

If you would like to buy your own equipment (jackets, gloves, masks, etc.), please look at these following links:

Surridge clothing – Hoodies, pants and other Fencing Team items.

Leon Paul Lodon – Popular fencing equipment supplier, all Club equipment is bought through LP London.

Allstar Uhlmann UK – Allstar and Uhlmann are two of the most popular fencing equipment suppliers in Europe.


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