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Branded society clothing is a great way to promote your society on campus and makes your members feel a part of something special.

There are many items to choose from such as hoodies, t-shirts, polos, caps, joggers etc. 

You must have the CUSU Logo on the garment. Society logo's cannot include or be similar to the University Phoenix Logo. The CUSU logo will be changing at the end of 2021 so you may want to hold of until the end of semester 1 to create new clothing so it has the new logo on it!!

If you are using the same design and re-ordering, let Bludog know! They keep a record of the mock-up designs of the clothing for easy ordering.

The process: 

1. Send a copy of your logo to the Societies Team for approval:

2. Once approved, send clothing request and design to Bludog or your preferred supplier to create for you. Think about what you want on the clothing - will this be embroidered or printed? Will this be personalised with names? Will this include positions of the committee? This will all affect your quote!

3. Bludog will send you a mock design of clothing with the CUSU Logo and a quote. This will need to be sent through for approval before purchase:

4. Once approved, the Societies Co-ordinators can set up payment online. We will need information on costs and customisations (e.g. options to select sizes, clothing, input nicknames)

5. Once payment has been received, we will process purchasing for you. You may  wish to set regular deadlines for members to buy clothing, which we will process as per your request.

Remember, all clothing must have the CUSU Logo! Here are some examples:


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