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Events add an extra element to your society and bring your members together to share interesting experiences.

Anything above and beyond your normal society activity is classed as an event. So this could be a day trip, an exhibition, a guest speaker, a national day, a religious festival, a ball or awards ceremony or a sporting event held by your society.

Event planning is challenging and time-consuming, so our number one tip is to plan as far in advance as possible and don’t leave it till the last minute. Always keep the office up to date with any plans or thoughts about holding an event, as they have great contacts that can help you. This Planning Guide may be useful in the early stages of event planning.

We request that the following timelines are adhered to:

 Event Size  Timeframe
 Up to £100 in value  submit paperwork 2 weeks in advance
 Up to £500 in value  submit paperwork 4 weeks in advance
 Over £500 in value  submit paperwork 8 weeks in advance


The following forms need to be filled in and sent through to the office:

Event Form

Risk Assessment

Once completed, send it to and the Societies Coordinator will then arrange a meeting to discuss your event. The event will be authorised by the VP Activities Officer if they are happy with the event.

However, we cannot stress enough that you should not sign a contract or agree to anything until you have met with the team to seek approval.

All contract and quotes MUST be brought to CUSU for sign off. If you personally sign a contract you will be liable for the payments stipulated within the agreement and not the society or CUSU.

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