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All committees will receive training about their account and how to ensure that you remain sustainable. There are certain processes that you need to adhere to whilst you are in position, not complying with the rules and regulations can have serious consequences, so please read all the information below.
You will receive an account update every fortnight from the finance team, if you have any discrepancies please contact your Societies Coordinator who will be able to investigate any issues.

General Finance Processes:

All items to be purchased need to be approved via the Societies Coordinator in advance, no commitment is to be given to any supplier without the department's approval, if commitment is given without approval the society will not be liable to pay for the goods and neither will CUSU.

Committee members can raise finances requests by visiting the admin tools section of the society webpage using the finance icon in the admin tools section.
Stage 1: Once a request has been submitted the first approval stage is for other committee members to approve the request.
Stage 2: The second approval stage is for a coordinator to approve the request. If the request is under £100 the next stage is for the SU to process the payment to the details provided.
Stage 3: If the request is over £100 then the Manager or Assistant manager for the department will need to approve the request before a payment is made. 

You can refer back to the committee training module to revisit student group finances in more detail if you are uncertain on any aspects.

Additional Funding:

Any society can apply for funding throughout the year, to help grow and develop to the benefit of its members. We have 2 funding pots that are available for societies to apply for and throughout the year there will be incentives that all societies can get involved with to help boost their funds.

Start-up fund

This is available to any new society that is approved by CUSU executive, it must be claimed within the first 3 months of approval. The fund is there to help you create some marketing, refreshments for your first meet and greet or whatever you see beneficial to your society. The maximum you can claim is £15. Complete the Start-up fund application form and submit through to

Start-up fund Document 

Development fund

This is available to a society that is over 3 months old, the funding pot is there to help a society grow and develop. The money has to be spent to the benefit of all of the society members. We ask you to complete the application and submit it to . Your Coordinator will contact you to discuss and invite you in for a meeting if more clarification is required. Please read the guidance notes before completing your application.

Development Guidance Notes

Development Grant Application Form


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