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The CUSU Employability Community helps students to learn, develop and grow through a range of opportunities that build and recognise their employability skills.

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Deaf Awareness Week 2019
From 13–19 May, we’re raising awareness and challenging perceptions of hearing loss and deafness across the UK.

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Student Experience - First year students

Tips for first year students about student experience.

Student Experience

The importance of student experience within university.


Have you ever gained some tips on interpersonal skills’ improvement, needing some more?
Have you ever considered combining both interpersonal skills and simple life hacks?
If that sounds interesting to you, then you are on the right spot!


Raising awareness of the wide range of services and activities the Community provides to students.

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CUSU Committees are open for every student to attend, everyone can submit ideas, everyone can vote on ideas, action plans and campaigns and everyone can help build the best communities in Coventry University.

If you have any ideas for changes that should be made then all you have to do is submit your idea online and we go from there, simple!

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