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Apply now to become a Representative for your course or research centre.

Coventry University values your ideas and feedback, therefore we have a well established Rep system where you can have an real impact on your time here.

Whether you are a full time PhD student, a masters student or are studying in further education part time, WE WANT TO EMPOWER YOU! Find out more information and sign up here.

Student Leaders

We have a team of seven Sabbatical Officers who work full-time to represent you on a variety of things in the University. They each have a specialism such as Postgraduate student support (VP for Postgraduate Students'), societies (VP for Activities) and wellbeing (VP Sports and Wellbeing) and more.

There is also a team of part-time officers who represent specific communities amongst students at Coventry University. There are officers who focus on academic groups such as the faculties or postgraduate taught students and liberation groups such as BME students or LGBT+ students.

We hold annual elections for all our officer positions and any student can nominate themselves for an applicable role.

Find out more information about who your officers are here.


Volunteering is a great way to get involved in the local community and get to know other students on campus. There are different types of volunteering activities that you can get involved in; from volunteering with older people, local charities to one off volunteering days.

You can follow this link to view the many volunteering opportunities currently available. Be sure to save this page as it is updated regularly with different opportunities.


Societies are a great way to meet people who have common interests with you. Whether there is a particular hobby you are interested in, a faith or cultural society you want to be part of or an academic society you want to join to support your studies there really is something for everyone!

Would you like to join the Postgraduate Society? – E-mail with any queries

Sports Active

Sport is a fantastic way to de-stress and re-energise so you can focus on your academic work. Studies have shown that moderate exercise has both physical and mental benefits. You don’t have to be a regular athlete to join in our Sports Active sessions just come along and have a go.

Click here to find even more sports active sessions!

Come and play; you don’t have to commit to every week, there is a great atmosphere and you will have loads of fun!