Our aim is to make CUSU a more sustainable organisation by campaigning, educating and engaging students and the local community.

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At CUSU we want to make sure we are doing our bit to keep the planet green. The Sustainability Community works towards this with students who are passionate about playing their part to make Coventry a more sustainable place to live! Being part of the community gives you the opportunity to run campaigns that engage and educate students on the importance of sustainability matters and encourages them to be more environmentally friendly. 


Read the latest Sustainability Community Newsletters - May 2019 and June 2019
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What's On

Dr. Bike - June 20th!
Bike racks between the library and ECB
Free 15 minute bicycle check-ups will be available at the bike racks between the library and ECB, between 10am and 4pm!
#TheTimeIsNow Mass Lobby - June 26th
Westminster, Central London
Our wildlife needs your voice to be heard – join Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and lobby for a Wilder Future.

Latest News

The Cycle Recycler

Find out how Tony Sewell, also known as 'The Cycle Recycler', is supporting the Community one bike at a time!

Sustainability Community Newsletter - June 2019

Have a read of the latest Sustainability Community Newsletter to stay updated on what's happening!

Climate change: Answers to your most asked questions

Find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions on Climate Change - BBC News

Climate Emergency Petition

Please take time to read through and support this petition that's pushing for urgent action to help us avert a climate breakdown!

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If you have any ideas for changes that should be made then all you have to do is submit your idea online and we go from there, simple!

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