Student Mental Health is a growing topic of national and international interest. A large contributor to why students leave university early or unsatisfied is due to Mental Health related issues.

Positive emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health are fundamental to all our lives, they underpin everything we do, how we think, feel, act and behave. And it also impacts on learning/ We recognise that emotional and mental wellbeing is as important as physical health, and the Wellbeing and Mental Health Community is here for students who might otherwise feel excluded or disempowered to get involved and have a voice in CUSU. 

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Students want parents to be told in mental health crisis

Two-thirds of students support universities being able to warn parents if students have a mental health crisis, an annual survey suggests.

MHAW Recap - Wellbeing Newsletter

Have a read through our Wellbeing Newsletter for a recap on how to #BeBodyKind and use the steps recommended by the NHS to improve our general mental wellbeing.

Coventry University awarded £6.8m to improve workplace mental health

Coventry University have been award a whopping £6.8 million of Government funding to launch a mental health pilot aimed at improving the drastic statistics of work place mental health in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Student Wellbeing - Illustrations Content!

We spoke with two 3rd year illustration students Brittany and Carlo - who have created amazing content and workshops for our Wellbeing Community!

Sheeps Run Amok!

It was like a scene from “Carry on Farming” when the sheep from CUSU’s stress-busting event went berserk and did a runner in The Hub on Monday 29 April.

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CUSU Committees are open for every student to attend, everyone can submit ideas, everyone can vote on ideas, action plans and campaigns and everyone can help build the best communities in Coventry University.

If you have any ideas for changes that should be made then all you have to do is submit your idea online and we go from there, simple!

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