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The Big CUSU Cookbook

The Community & Inclusion, Big CUSU Cookbook combats food waste by inspiring you to make mealtimes a feature of your day!

Alongside meal planners and top tips, the book will be full of incredible recipes submitted by students, for students that all follow the the three C's of the CUSU Cookbook: Cost, Culture, and Conscious!

The easier and tastier, the better! So if you have a favourite meal, snack or signature dish that you just have to share, why not join in?

Submissions close on 30 May 2022 at 6pm.


The Three C's

Everything in the Big CUSU Cookbook goes towards supporting three core aims

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Our recipes and tips will be cost efficient. From batch cooking, to substitutions, to where and when to pick up ingredients more affordably.

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The Big CUSU Cookbook is a celebration of culture! We want your family favourite, recipes that remind you of home, and new meals you've discovered.

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The Big CUSU Cookbook will help you be more environmentally and ethically conscious. From using leftovers to minimising packaging, how to shop seasonally and make a meal plan.

About the Big CUSU Cookbook

The Big CUSU Cookbook is part of our ambition to help everyone be as sustainable as possible.

What will be in the book?

Meal planners, useful tips on how to shop, cook and eat, and (most importantly!) incredible recipes by students, for students.

How will I get the book?

Submissions will be included in a digitally published, CUSU branded PDF collection, available to all Coventry students and staff, we'll also have a printed copy available in the new academic year (2022-23). There will be the choice for you to include your name for publication if you wish.

What do I need to submit?

  • A detailed breakdown of your recipe, including an easy to follow step by step method and list of ingredients/amounts. The recipe can be one that already exists from a website or book, a family tradition that has been passed down through generations, or just something you’ve created yourself.
  • Your recipe should follow the three C's of the CUSU Cookbook: cost, culture, and conscious!
    • We want recipes that are cost efficient,
    • That are a celebration of culture,
    • And are ethically and environmentally conscious
  • Recipes can be a full on meal that people can batch cook or impress housemates with, a dish for a special occasion or just your favourite convenient homemade snack. Anything you think will inspire people to plan and create their own meals.
  • With your recipe you'll include your name, university details including email and the source of where the recipe has come from if you have copied it from somewhere else. If you have any images that you would like to accompany the text, they are welcome too.
  • You can find all submission details, including T&Cs here.
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