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Why are Pronouns Important?

Pronouns are an important part of everyone's daily lives, whether they are transgender, non-binary or cisgender. They are one of the ways we express our identity to others. By using the correct pronouns for someone we in turn show that we respect their identity. 

We can never assume someone’s gender identity or their pronouns. By sharing your pronouns you help to raise awareness of pronoun usage & create a safe space where people feel comfortable to share their pronouns with you. Using our pronoun badges & email signatures, is a simple but effective way to create a more inclusive campus, and normalise discussions about gender identity. 

You can download one of free pronoun banners that reflects your identity for your email signature, or order one of our free pronoun badges to wear. Both options are available for free, to all staff and students across the Coventry University Group. 


Email Banners

'Sharing your pronouns, especially over a platform such as email, makes communication a lot easier and can greatly reduce anxiety both for people who want to respect your gender and also want to have their gender respected. For non-binary and genderqueer people this is especially important, as context clues such as names are not enough information to perceive gender correctly.'
- Max Shenton, Welfare & Inclusion Rep. 

Download your pronoun banner below, and attach to your email signature.

Pronoun Badges

Why are pronoun badges important?

Wearing a pronoun badge is a simple but effective way of showing that you respect people’s pronouns and their gender identity.

Please select whether you are a member of staff or a student to request a free pronoun badge that reflects your identity. There are 4 different types of pronoun badge, 'She, Her, Hers', 'He, Him, His', 'They, Them, Theirs', and a blank option for anyone who would prefer to write their own. These badges are funded by the CUSU LGBT+ Student Community and the Coventry University Group LGBTQ+ Staff Equality Forum. You will be contacted with further details on how to collect your badge on campus. 

Click below to get your badge

Gender Glossary


Useful terminology:

  • Cisgender - Someone who identifies with the gender assigned to them at birth.

  • Gender binary - The social system that sees only two genders (Male and Female) and requires everyone to be raised as a man or a woman, depending on the gender assigned to them at birth.

  • Gender identity - How someone classifies their gender and their own personal sense of their gender. 

  • Genderqueer - Someone who does not conform with the societal expectations or conventional gender distinctions. 

  • Non-binary - Someone who doesn't identify solely as a 'female or 'male', they may identify as neither or a combination of both.

  • Transgender - Umberella term for someone who does not identify with the gender assigned to them at birth. 

  • Gender fluid - Individuals whose gender varies over time, or consists of a number of different gender indentities. 

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