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Senior Leadership Q&A

On Weds 6 May, Guy Daly and Kate Quantrell from the University's Senior Leadership Team joined your Vice President for Education to answer questions from students

Questions and Timestamps

(Links will open Youtube at the appropriate spot, check the YouTube comments for more timestamps)

Support links

The Q&A covers a range of topics, we recommend you keep up to date with the University's support page and FAQ to ensure you have the latest information but additional support and answers can also be found below.

I'm confused about No Detriment

The University's No Detriment FAQ is the best starting point. If you need to dig into the details they are spelled out in full in the Academic Regulations.

Academic regulations are per campus/institution, you can find yours here: Coventry University | Coventry University, London | CU Coventry | CU Scarborough | CU London

If you are a Research student there is an equivalent arrangement.

I'm unable to pay my fees

If you're a home student you should contact Student Welfare.

If you are an overseas student you should contact the International Office.

If you are experiencing financial hardship you can also contact the Students' Union Advice Centre who can give advice and options.

I want to give feedback about my learning experience

You can contact your rep by emailing or submit feedback using this form.

Submitted feedback by either route is seen by your elected officers and reps and used to communicate the experience of student to the University with the aim of improving that experience.

I want to complain about my experience

Contact your course director, they should be listed on your student Moodle page.

When submitting a complaint ensure you are clear about both the issues you are experiencing and the outcome you are hoping for.

If you need support with an academic complaint you can also contact the Students' Union Advice Centre.