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Current location: Coventry

  • Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Students

    Our purpose is to be the voice of the BAME community at Coventry University, whilst promoting inclusion amongst students and proactively address BAME issues.

  • Disabled Students
  • International Culture

    The community takes with pride diversity we have on campus and organises different event to make sure all students are represented.

  • LGBT+ Students

    The LGBT committee of the Students Union is a space where you can share your ideas, opinions and concerns about being an LGBT student at Coventry University.

  • Safer Living

    Our aim is to work together to create safer communities in Coventry!

  • Self-supporting Students

    The Care Leavers Community works to support students from a care leaver background, those who are estranged from their family, or are asylum seekers.

  • Societies

    Societies Community are open to all students with different interests and ideas, who can come together to make a difference to student experience, it is a student led Community.

  • Sports

    We welcome all students who have an interest in sport and want to meet like-minded people.

  • Student Media

    Our purpose is to provide an outlet for students to promote all versions of media; tv, news and radio

  • Students of Faith

    Our aim is to bring together students from all different faiths and cultures, looking at how we can share different experiences with other students.

  • Students with Responsibilities

    The community is in place for students to share their experience whilst studying and having responsibilities such as a family, caring, a job and mortgage.

  • Sustainability

    Our aim is to make CUSU a more sustainable organisation by campaigning, educating and engaging students and the local community.

  • Volunteering Community

    Volunteering is a great way to enhance skills and give back to the community. Join the Volunteering Community and work alongside others who are passionate about volunteering.

  • Wellbeing and Mental Health

    Student Mental Health is a growing topic of national and international interest. A large contributor to why students leave university early or unsatisfied is due to Mental Health related issues.

  • Women Students

    Our aim is to provide a safe space for students to share their thoughts, allowing us to tackle any issues brought to us through campaigning and raising awareness.