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Current location: Coventry

  • Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Students

    The Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Community is a space to share your ideas, opinions and concerns about your student experience. We organise events, campaigns and make lasting change on campus.

  • Disabled Students

    Our aim is to support all Disabled Students at Coventry University to have the best university experience. We campaign & run events to make Coventry University accessible & inclusive.

  • Entertainment and Events

    The Entertainments Community welcomes all those who have an interest in events, as gives you the opportunity to create your own events and get involved with annual events which CUSU hosts.

  • International Culture

    Our community celebrates the diversity we have on campus and organises different events to make sure all students are represented and included.

  • LGBT+ Students

    The LGBTQ+ community is a space where you can share your ideas, opinions and concerns about being an LGBTQ+ student at Coventry University. We campaign for change and run events all year.

  • Safer Living

    Our aim is to work together to create safer communities in Coventry!

  • Self-supporting Students

    Our community supports Care Leavers/Care Experienced Students, Refugee & Asylum Seekers And Estranged Students. We run campaigns and events to ensure you have the best experience at university

  • Societies

    Societies Community are open to all students with different interests and ideas, who can come together to make a difference to student experience, it is a student led Community.

  • Sports

    We welcome all students who have an interest in sport and want to meet like-minded people.

  • Student Media

    Our purpose is to provide an outlet for students to promote all versions of media; tv, news and radio

  • Students of Faith

    Our aim is to bring together students from all faiths and cultures, to share our experiences with other students and ensure that students of faith are represented on campus.

  • Students with Responsibilities

    We provide support to Parents, Care Givers, Commuter Students, Part-Time Students, Employed Students And Mature Students. We campaign, run events and support you through your university experience.

  • Sustainability

    Our aim is to make CUSU a more sustainable organisation by campaigning, educating and engaging students and the local community.

  • Volunteering Community

    Volunteering is a great way to enhance skills and give back to the community. Join the Volunteering Community and work alongside others who are passionate about volunteering.

  • Wellbeing and Mental Health

    Student Mental Health is a growing topic of national and international interest. A large contributor to why students leave university early or unsatisfied is due to Mental Health related issues.

  • Women Students

    Open To All Who Self-Define As Women, Including Those With Complex Gender Identities Which Includes 'Woman'. We provide support to all women students, campaign for equality and run events all year.

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