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This week at CU London we have been running our first ever Campus Officer elections. We are delighted to be able to announce the results.

After a great week of friendly campaigning by our candidates George Ion and Jordan Ismail we are delighted to announce that our winner this year 53.5% of all the votes is...





Jordan Ismail!

"Working together, there is no limit on our achievements".

Jordan campaigned on a wealth of issues and you can read his winning manifesto here:

The top priorities for Jordan were to raise awareness of his role by offering regular drop in meetings for students to discuss their concerns with him and enhancing awareness of the Students' Union.


The voting was close between the two candidates with only 9 votes seperating the candidates.

Candidate Stage 1 (votes) Stage 1 (percentage)
Re-open nominations 1 0.8
George Ion 52 45.6
Jordan Ismail 61 53.5
  114 99.9


If you have any complaints regarding the CU London Campus Officer Election, please send them to by 2pm on Tuesday 11th of December.


There will be lots more opportunities to get involved in everything CUSU related in the near future. Keep a regular eye on your emails for all the relevant information!

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