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Meet your CUSU CU London Staff!


CUSU CU London Campus Officer -

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CUSU CU London Coordinator - Patrick Tatarian

Hey, I’m Patrick, I joined CUSU as the CU London Coordinator!

I look after everything such as societies, events, and other Union activities up at the CU London Campus in Dagenham. My first foray into the Student Movement was as a sabbatical officer* at Kingston University, where I did my degree in Aerospace Engineering. I was both the Union Development Officer and the Welfare Officer, as well as being a Campus Officer. My hobbies include just being sociable – I’m a genuine people person who loves making friends and getting to know new people! As well as travel, aiming to add more and more stamps in the passport as time goes on.

I enjoy being involved with CUSU as I have a passion for helping young people to make the most of their university experience. I enjoy trying a bit of everything and working with diverse groups of people, as well as having the opportunity to work in a dynamic, progressive environment. The main thing I want to achieve is seeing CUSU become a bigger part of student life at CU London, Being involved with the Students’ Union can make a huge difference to one’s time at university. It made a huge difference to mine, helping me to build my confidence and leadership skills!

An interesting fact about me is that I went to Secondary School just across the road from CU London, meaning I know the area and its inhabitants very well!

*Whats a sabbatical officer we hear you ask? They are your elected representatives who are based in Coventry and they represent your interests across both CUSU and the CU Group. You can find out more about your sabbatical officers by looking here.

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