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Society Applications 2019/2020


Thinking of setting up a new society? That’s great! CUSU CU London is keen to have a diverse group of student communities at our Dagenham campus. Affiliating your society to Coventry University Students’ Union at CU London brings a whole world of benefits and opportunities including:


  • A society email account
  • Staff support with room bookings
  • Support and advice from dedicated CU London staff and officers
  • Use of SU equipment
  • Financial banking service with your own dedicated account
  • Your own microsite on the CUSU website to promote and make your societies life easier!

All societies at CU London have a common prefix to their name – CUSU CU London name of society. This allows us to differentiate between the various campuses. For example if you are looking to set up a new Anime society your society could be called CUSU CU London Anime Society.

One of the first things you should do before filling out the information in our new society application form is to read carefully the essential information document which you can find as a pdf here. You will be asked to confirm you have read this document as part of the form below. Before you start filling in the form make sure that you have all the information that you need – this will make it easier for you.

Every society is made up of student leaders. These roles are vital to the success of your society. CUSU requires you to have three core positions - President, Treasurer and Inclusion Officer. You can then add one other role should you wish according to the needs of your society. Please leave the final set of boxes blank if you do not want to add a fourth position.

The next steps once we have received your application is for us to organise a meeting with you and the rest of your committee to discuss this. Our CUSU Coordinator will then give you some guidance about what help and support is available to you and your society. Once this meeting has taken place your proposal will go to the Campus Executive Committee who will make a decision either approving your society or not.