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Welcome to the CUSU Awards 2020

The CUSU Awards celebrates the hard work and achievements of our members. Without the passion, drive, and enthusiasm of our students, both shortlisted tonight and for all students and the fantastic work they do throughout the year, we wouldn’t be the organisation we are.

A Welcome from your President

Hello distinguished guests,

Although a little different this year, I’d like to welcome you to our Annual CUSU Awards.

We will take a moment to thank all the students who have been nominated for our awards for all their dedicated time and undeniable hard work. In light of current events, we can no longer host the CUSU Awards for this year but the recognition for these students should not go unheard. We could not achieve all that we do without you therefore I would like to express my deepest gratitude.

Over the past year we have been able to achieve major wins in ensuring student engagement and experience which has gone further in entrenching our position as the voice of students on campus. This achievement is through the sheer hard work of the CUSU Staff, Sabbatical Officer, Our Reps and the various volunteering groups. Our Union has made it a belief and a choice to become advocates and promoters of the UN Sustainability goals, we witnessed a wonderful month of activities throughout the green week and our first ever summit on the Sustainability. The work has just begun, and I endeavour you all to play your part in ensuring a better future for our planet.

Finally, I would like to reiterate my thanks for all your hard work, and I wish you the best of luck.

The Shortlist

Community Event of the Year

  • Phoenix Radio 24hr
  • Volunteer Fair
  • Black History Month Cultural Night
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Community Campaign of the Year

  • I Heart Consent
  • Housing Fair
  • Pronoun Badges Campaign
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Forum of the Year

  • UG Economics
  • PG Marketing
  • UG Business Administration & Management
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Placement Student of the Year

  • Zuzanna Mleczak
  • Karen Elizabeth Bucknall
  • Mayuri Rajput
  • Connor McKee
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Rep of the Year

  • Andrei Florin-Sandhu
  • Scott O’Neill
  • Arsh Shaikh
  • Megan Bryant
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Sports Achievement of the Year

  • Women’s Rugby Union
  • Women’s Futsal
  • Jui Jitsu
  • Weightlifting
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Society Achievement of the Year

  • Hackathon Society
  • Psychology Society
  • Kpop Dance Society
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Volunteer of the Year

  • Kate Lawson
  • Alexandra Nebancea
  • Oliwia Ryzewics
  • Cellia Rebecca Gherman
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Community Officer of the Year

  • Elizabeth King
  • Amin East
  • Marzana Mehdi
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Student of the Year

  • Matthew Jenkins
  • Arsh Shaikh
  • Karen Bucknall
  • Alexander Hilton
  • Elena-Alexandra Miron
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The Leadership Award

The CUSU Leadership Award recognises our students’ involvement and activities within extracurricular activities whilst studying at Coventry University. Our Gold Award winners demonstrated leadership skills through making significant voluntary contributions.

Our Gold Leadership Award Winners 2020:

  • Alex Hilton
  • Aleks Dinkov
  • Saabir Cader Abdul Cader
  • Marcus Solo
  • Elena Alexandra Miron
  • Zohaib Hussain
  • Marzana Mehdi
  • Mahdi Hussein
  • Kate Lawson
  • Alexandra-Veronica Nebancea
  • Jess Gilmour
  • Alexandra Iuliana Negoita
  • Ashley Frances Lambert
  • Darshil Nilesh Lathia
  • Chand Dhot
  • Kane John Robins
  • Lily Arabella Stratton
  • Loree Jackson
  • Karen Elizabeth Bucknall
  • Alex Duncan
  • Bianca Buhaev
  • Kinga Ambrozkiewicz
  • Zuzanna Mleczak
  • Marina Garcia Gomez