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The CUSU Awards

The CUSU Awards celebrates the hard work and achievements of our members. Without the passion, drive, and enthusiasm of our students, both shortlisted tonight and for all students and the fantastic work they do throughout the year, we wouldn’t be the organisation we are. We are so excited that the Awards are returning for 2022 for a live-in-person event. 


  • Nominations period: 28th February- 18th March
  • Shortlisting by a panel: 22nd and 23rd march
  • Successful shortlisted candidates contacted: 24th and 25th March 
  • Awards where the winners are announced: 1st April 


Welcome from your President

Hello CUSU Members, 

Welcome to the CUSU Awards. My name is Catarina, and I am the President of Coventry University Students’ Union. For those of you who do not know, the CUSU Awards is one of the biggest Awards nights hosted by the Students’ Union recognising the amazing achievements of you our students.  

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic started the Awards have looked very different, as they went virtual for two consecutive years, but still celebrated all the dedication and hard work of our students. This year we will be hosting this amazing celebration in Square One. Every year the SU, and our students take strides to improve the student experience, sustainability and ensure a better future, and this year will be no different. 

The CUSU Awards are open for all students to apply for and is a chance for you to be recognised for all your hard work and achievements outside of your academic life. This could be leading a brand-new campaign or shaping students experience through the Rep system. You can see below the 10 Awards that are available, as you could be the next winner. 

The CUSU Awards are a great chance for you to be recognised for your hard work, and showcase this to future employers. Why not start thinking now of how you can be part of this prestigious event.  

We look forward to seeing you at the Awards on 1st April

The 2022 CUSU Awards

Placement Student of the year award

This award recognises a student who has undertaken a placement within a department of CUSU and has gone above and beyond during their placement. This student has shown dedication, been a valuable asset to the department they are in and excelled in all aspects of their placement. 


  • Maria Bot
  • Eloise Seale- Winner
  • Amal Sabriye
  • Carolina Abreu Pestana

Sport Achievement of the Year Award

Recognises a successful sporting event, campaign, or achievement by an individual or sports club that has promoted the university, inspired students, or the local community, or has overcome the odds for a great result. 


  • Karate
  • Wesley Greenidge
  • Women’s Basketball Club- Winner

Student voice channel of the Year Award

Recognises Reps within a channel which have worked with their academic staff to achieve fantastic changes that benefit students educational experience. 


  • Psychology and Behavioural Sciences Postgraduate Student Voice Channel
  • Postgraduate Health Forum Student Voice Channel- Winner

Course Rep of the Year Award

Highlights a Student Representative who has made an outstanding contribution to improving the student experience for their peers, ensuring they are representing students effectively so that all voices are heard. 


  • Timothy Hon Lam
  • Nidhi Chikhalkar- Winner
  • Bianca Anamaria Andrei
  • Natalia Skrzeczkowska

Society achievement of the Year Award

Recognises a society that has gone above and beyond to create the best possible student experience for their members. They have positively represented themselves, CUSU and the University.?They have continued to deliver a schedule of in person and online events, meetings and activities. They have attempted to collaborate with other societies or Universities. They have shown their successes and commitment through engaging with the Students Union, University or local community.


  • Acoustic Music Society
  • Investment Society
  • Gender Equality- Winner

Advancing Diversity and Inclusion Award

Recognises a student who has made an outstanding contribution towards reducing or eliminating inequalities, representing marginalised voices and actively demonstrating a commitment to building inclusive opportunities and a more equitable environment for students. 


  • Elizabeth Mullenger
  • Jasmine Stubbings
  • Elizabeth King- Winner
  • Jodie Enderby

Community Impact Award

Recognises a student who has made a positive social and/or environmental impact for not only students, but also the wider community. The award celebrates those students who have shown outstanding leadership in campaigning for change in the following areas:

  • Sustainability
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Community cohesion


  • Sam Ajoku- Winner
  • Manisha Kumar
  • Yolanda Berhane
  • Donato Napoletano

Volunteer of the year Award

Recognises a student who has made a significant, beneficial contribution to the wider community, through hard work and perseverance. Volunteering has been a key force for local and national aid over the past year. Through responsibility and dedication, this student has delivered an exceptional service to a charitable cause.


  • Rebecca Jeffery- Winner
  • Alexandra Nebancea
  • Mark Al Kadamani
  • Blessing Jane Iniomon

Student activity of the year Award

This award recognises an individual or a group of students who have gone the extra mile to deliver an activity (such as an event, campaign or project) for students, to either improve their fellow student experience or raise awareness


  • Puppy Yoga
  • Task Master - Live Game Show- Winner
  • Can You See Me Now Campaign

Student of the year Award

The Student of the Year Award celebrates a student who has made an outstanding contribution in extracurricular activities, having a positive influence within the student body that creates lasting change. Perhaps they have acted as a mentor to other students, facilitated online sessions, raised money for charity, been a leader for students or led a campaign. 

This is our most prestigious award and recognises a student who has gone above and beyond in this past year during their time at Coventry University or the CU Group. 


  • Aksshat Goel
  • Maddalena de Cesare
  • Manisha Kumar
  • Alexandra Nebancea- Winner

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