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Placement Student Of The Year

Amy Love 

Amy worked at her local primary school as a student tutor. Her responsibilities included classroom support, aspiration raising and motivating disenchanted students to engage in their educational learning. A challenge that Amy faced was due to the social deprivation in the local area as well as the poor attitude towards education.

Amy was able to persevere throughout her placement to the stage where she has been offered a full placement after graduation. She has observed and embedded very good teaching practice into her own methods as well as making our team aware of this innovative approach  

Rep Of The Year

Mathew Priestly 

Matt has actively attended each lecture to support every student within his class, for actively listening and taking time aside to support students going above and beyond even when having a full day at work then having his 4 hour evening lesson, he still remains attentive and diligent. He has set up a part-time students forum when he recognised this was a need and he has actively taken feedback from students, having meetings with the appropriate University staff.  Matt's professional and dedicated attitude deserves recognition.  

Student Forum Of The Year- Media and Performing Arts Undergraduate

Nathanael Craig and Hollie Ferrett 

Since Hollie and Nathanael became Senior Course Reps for the forum, it has grown at the fastest rate than any other in Arts and Humanities, increasing 75% in size. The fora have all happened smoothly in the year and the minutes show the serious discussion and resolution of real issues that students are facing. They also both regularly assist on faculty based stalls in their free time.  

Simply put, I feel both these Senior Reps have shown a passionate commitment to promoting student voice activities and culture in their area of the University. Performing Arts in FAH has not seen representation on this level before and these two are the ones to thank.  

Community Campaign Of The Year -Women Students Community

Period Poverty Campaign 

The period poverty campaign with Red Box from the Women Students Community engaged students on a number of levels, not only to donate products, but also to become engaged with the ‘Red Box’ charity itself, helping to further promote the nationwide campaign of tackling period poverty.   

The campaign had students at the very heart of its delivery and collaborated with the Disabled Students Community, LGBT+ Community and LGBT+ Society in order to ensure that the campaign was as inclusive as possible in terms of product placement and marketing the campaign. The campaign also collaborated with the Student Advice Centre who now also have a red box in order to reach the students who need it most.  

Community Event Of The Year

One World Week 

One world week is an opportunity to celebrate various cultures and diversity on campus. They had five events for the week from open mic night, food fair, crafts, games night and an international culture night. The aim of the events were to celebrate the diversity of our student community. Overall, students were very engaged with the week not only for fun but to learn and develop professionally through their journey here at Coventry University.   

Society Event Of The Year

Chinese Society- Chinese New Year   

Chinese New Year is one of the most important festival in China and the gala is indispensable activity to celebrate the new year. Through the involvement of our Chinese Society students from different countries not only could celebrate this important moment together after finishing their classes at that night, but also could relax themselves and learned Chinese culture so that they were able to enrich their student experience. This was the largest ever celebration of Chinese culture arranged by students in Coventry.  

Sport Achievement Of The Year

Women's Karate 

The women's team Kumite at the BUCS karate championships were crowned winners and received gold medals. They were the best women's team in the country. This is the first time ever that the karate club have entered a women's team in the team kumite and to come out as the best is an incredible achievement. This along with several other medals,  has meant Coventry University has the best competitive karate club in the country!

Volunteer Of The Year

Darrius Kotey - Community Volunteer

(The Enterprise Club for Disabled People)

Darrius is a second year Psychology student and has been attending the Enterprise Club for Disabled People since November 2018. He never fails to arrive, is punctual, reliable and extremely friendly. He has built up an excellent rapport with our disabled members. He organises the members Pool League that runs twice weekly. Volunteers provide our members with services they cannot manage for themselves. Darrius as well as organising the activity, regularly participates with the members. He has helped to integrate those students who have volunteered since he arrived and worked to get them involved. Darrius shows great initiative and never has to be reminded about any of the duties involved. He has become an integral part of our Sports Group.  

Student Of The Year

Joint Winners

Adam Khan & Bashir Gharwal 


Bashir runs the Afghan society which has helped me fit in and gain a new insight to my culture and identity. He’s a very busy person who balances uni, planning events, personal life, the society and other activities very effectively. He has made me realise that with hard work and resilience you can achieve anything. I see Bashir as an inspiration for all his hard work and enthusiasm. From zero English in 2010 he has achieved a first class Beng degree and currently working towards MENG. Besides his academic achievements he has been well involved in the community projects. He is currently the chairman of the Afghan Cricket association in UK. Furthermore, he has been involved in a UN award winning leadership programme. He has been a parliamentor from Coventry University. He has been part of the global peace workshop in turkey on behalf of Coventry University in which participants were invited from 20 different countries. He has done remarkable work for the Afghan community as well, as he was the ambassador for Farkhunda Charity organisation. He has done all this as a refugee, looking after his little brother and without seeing the rest of his family. He is an inspriration.  


Adam is involved in every part of the University, and has come from a very underprivileged background, being a care leaver, they have actively sought out to change the University for the better, create relations in the community and also be an inspiration for students from marginalized backgrounds as well as students in general. With their commitment with the Student Wardens, they have been instrumental in making sure that events happen, and their commitment was recognised as they won both Student Warden of the Month and Student Warden of the Year. Adam also hosted the first ever CUSU Disability History Month which included a number of events not only spreading awareness, but allowing us to make links with the City Councils DEAP panel which Adam is now a member of to improve the accessibility of the City in general as well as the University. As well as this, Adams work on Disability History Month also allowed links to be made with local disability sports facilitators in which Adam hopes to develop further links to provide more accessible sports at Coventry University. He is also the  President of the LGBTQIA+ Society who furthered the intersectionality of the Society by ensuring that it held events signifying Black History Month and plans for International Women’s Day, Adam is also part of many other programmes and projects to enhance themselves whilst also positively influencing others while taking part, such as being a Project Leader of the Buddy Mentor Project, and being involved with the Global Leaders Programme, the IMPETUS Intercultural Awareness Programme and also Adam is learning 5 languages through the Confucius Institute and Lingua Mundi. Adam has achieved all of this whilst maintaining multiple part-time jobs, representing the University and its many departments as a Student Ambassador, and also getting good grades during their full-time education.