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Pronoun Badges

Why are pronoun badges important?

You can’t assume someone’s pronouns (or their gender) by looking at them. Across Coventry University campuses, we come into contact with a wide range of staff and students on a daily basis, some of whom will be trans and genderqueer. Wearing a pronoun badge is a simple but effective way of showing that you respect people’s pronouns and their gender identity, which can mean a lot for trans and genderqueer students and members of staff who may feel invisible, or maybe struggling with being trans at work or study.

Please select whether you are a member of staff or a student to request a pronoun badge that reflects your identity. There are 4 different types of pronoun badge, 'She, Her, Hers', 'He, Him, His', 'They, Them, Theirs', and a blank option for anyone who would prefer to write their own. These badges are funded by the CUSU LGBT+ Student Community and the Coventry University Group LGBTQ+ Staff Equality Forum. You will be contacted with further details on how to collect your badge.