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Your Officer; Amin Esat

I'm Amin Esat, your Students With Reponsibilities Officer for 19/20.

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The Students With Reponsibilities Community is a space to share your ideas, opinions and concerns about being a Students With Reponsibilities at Coventry University.

We organise events and campaigns, suggest policy, and do what we can to make Coventry University a better space for you.

The Community isn't just for Students With Reponsibilities, you can also join as an ally and it's entirely up to you how involved you want be. If you're passionate about making Coventry University a more inclusive space sign up to our updates to include Students With Reponsibilities content in your personalised news and emails.

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Active Campaigns 20/21

Digital Divide Campaign

  • Provide digital outreach activities to potential students.
  • Provide support, technology and resources to students who are othewise unable to access digital content.
  • Provide Digital Ambassadors to support engagement with technology.
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Flexible Campus Campaign

  • To ensure resources, materials and technology are used to support flexible learning, such as lecture recording
  • To provide more on campus facilities to make coming to campus more practical for student parents & commuter students.
  • To provide more learning and extra curricular activity off campus
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