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Current location: Coventry

Your Officer: Robert Alego

I'm Robert Alego, your Self-supporting Students officer.

The Self-supporting Students Community is a space for students including care leavers and estranged students, to share ideas, opinions and concerns about being a Self-supporting student at Coventry University.

We organise events, share news, campaign, suggest policy, and do what we can to make Coventry University a better space for Self-supporting individuals. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to view what events we have coming up.

The Community isn't just for Self-supporting students, and it's entirely up to you how involved you want be. If you're passionate about the provision for Self-supporting students, then join the Community to include Self-supporting Students content in your personalised news and updates.

News, policy, and actions

There are no current news articles.

Useful things

  • Reach Higher Guide For Care Leavers

    24 Aug 2019

    Helping you reach higher looks at what support you can access to help you succeed in higher education, including details on how to receive extra support at university – including accommodation, financial, and much more.




Sorry! We haven't got any upcoming events, but check back soon :)