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Rep Applications for 2022/23 Are Now Open!

We are now accepting applications for our Education School Rep and Senior Course Rep roles for next academic year. Here's just some of the benefits of becoming a Rep:

  • Gain employability skills such as Leadership, Communication and Problem Solving
  • Get access to exclusive workshops and badges that can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile
  • Payment of up to £300 for Education School Rep and up to £50 for Senior Rep per semester
  • Bring about positive change to improve the student experience

Find out more about the roles here or why not listen to our Reps on why you should get involved

Apply to be a Rep

Reps are paid and attend meetings with university staff, represent students and help achieve wins. Senior Reps represent a group of courses and complete up to 2 hours a week. Education School Reps work with Senior Course Reps to represent their entire School and complete up to 5 hours a week. There are limited places and subject to interview...

Want to be a part of shaping education but don't want to commit to a role full time. Let us know your interested in micro student voice opportunities and updates on education here.

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You must be logged in on your student account and a current Coventry University or CU Coventry student to apply.

The application process

Senior Reps

  • You will be invited to undergo a 15-minute task and complete an interview
  • The task will be sent 48 hours before your interview to give you time to complete it (You need to submit your task before the interview begins)
  • If successful we'll send you the next steps for your role including exclusive training

Education School Reps

  • You will be invited to complete an application form so we can get to know you better
  • Students that are considered suitable to the role will be invited to an interview
  • If successful we'll send you the next steps for your role including exclusive training
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