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Current location: Coventry

When to Vote

Voting is open from 8am - 8pm:

  • Monday 9th November
  • Tuesday 10th November

Where to Vote

All voting is done online!

You don't have to vote all at once so it's ok to do some voting now and some voting later.

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How to Vote

Voting is simple and quick, just pick the candidates you like in the order you prefer them.

You need to have opted in to sharing your data and you probably want to check the manifestos too

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How Voting Works

In SU Elections you get to select multiple candidates rather than just choosing one. It's like if you were going for dinner with friends and you could either go to Nando's, Las Iguanas, or Five Guys.

You probably have a favourite option. The one you'd vote for. But if no-one else wants to go there one you probably have a second preference, right? And there might even be one that if it came to it you just wouldn't go there?

It's exacly the same idea in STV. You can read a bit more about how preferences work or see the voting process in action below.

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