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Congratulations for getting through your 1st full term if 2020.

Our aim is to provide enjoyable, worthwhile and varied opportunities that can be accredited through the Add+vantage programme; allowing students the opportunity to develop key graduate skills and knowledge of the workplace through placements and community based projects.


Add+vantage Modules

Studying at Coventry University has its Add+vantages!

The Add+vantage scheme is a unique opportunity provided by Coventry University. Add+vantage modules teach a range of work experience and career development activities that broaden students knowledge, skills and qualifications within a work focused environment.

Here at CUSU, we currently offer seven different types of Add+vantage modules to enhance and enrich your time at Coventry University, these include: Volunteering in the Community modules, Volunteering in Schools modules, CUSU Work Experience modules, Sign Language Skills modules, Career Development, Teacher Training and Sports and Societies modules.

We have a wide variety of opportunities for you to become involved and develop your skills for your future career path.

For further information on the choice of CUSU Add+vantage modules, visit the module page or click on the tab below.

Leadership Award

The CUSU Leadership Award recognises your involvement and activities within extracurricular activities whilst studying at Coventry University.

Applicants are awarded Bronze, Silver, or Gold dependent upon their level of participation and skills development.

The Leadership Award is the ultimate mark of recognition for extracurricular achievement and participation at Coventry.

For further information about the Leadership Award, click here.

Area of Interest

Employability can mean so many different things to different people. With so many different departments across the University we would like to find out your specific area of interest to tailor our services to you. To complete the survey, and tell us more about what you would like, click here. 


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Employability Long Read- Assessment Centre

Assessment Centres 
In order to assess suitability for certain roles organisations use assessment centres. Assessment centres are a series of exercises used by employers to test skills that can not be easily identified in an interview alone. They can be half or full days and will have a series of different activities contained with in. Due to the time and resource they take, you will only be invited after the initial shortlisting process so to get to this stage means you are a serious contender

How to Present in a Video Conference

Presenting on camera is a key skill we now all need, this article takes you through some key tips on how to be a pro at presenting on camera!

Employability - Competition time

The Employability Team is launching a competition for aspiring tutors and teachers from all faculties to support our local schools.

Leadership Awards Workshop- 1
Looking to find out more about the Leadership and how to apply? This workshop is for you!
Leadership Awards Workshop- 2
Looking to find out more about the Leadership and how to apply? This workshop is for you!

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