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The CUSU Leadership Award recognises your involvement and activities within extracurricular activities whilst studying at Coventry University. 

You can showcase the skills you have developed in a format that can be digitally and physically viewed by potential employers.

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We have added a new feature which will allow you to start your application, save your progress and come back to it at any time before you submit.

Applications are closed for term 1 but you can still submit and your application will be processed in term 2! 



The Leadership Award has 3 levels:

Bronze Award

If you are an active participant within extracurricular activities, but don’t take on any formal leadership roles, this Award recognises the extra skills and experience you have gained.

The Bronze Leadership Award recognises Coventry University students who seek out and participate within opportunities to develop their interests, meet new people, and proactively stretch themselves through trying something new.

To achieve the Bronze Leadership Award, students identify the skills and experience they have gained through their participation. These will depend entirely on their experience, but are commonly communication, team-working, presentational and personal skills.

Silver Award

If you do more than actively participate, perhaps taking on some elements of leadership within your activities, or engaging in a way that helps grow and sustain your extracurricular activity, then the Silver Leadership Award is for you.

The Silver Leadership Award recognises Coventry University students who have progressed from participating in an activity, to a greater degree of engagement and contributions. They support their activities through taking on elements of leadership and making contributions, as and when required.

To achieve the Silver Leadership Award, students review the skills and experience they have gained through their engagement within their activities. These skills can cover the spectrum from personal and communication skills, through to organisational and leadership skills they have developed through their contributions.

Gold Award

If you have demonstrated your leadership skills through making significant contributions, either within an a formal executive role , or any other voluntary position, then the Gold Leadership Award is for you.

The Gold Leadership Award recognises Coventry University students who have made significant contributions through their extracurricular activities, and who have actively shaped and development their opportunities through their involvement.

To achieve the Gold Leadership Award, students reflect and evidence the experience and skills developed through their roles. These skills will be those most relevant to their position, but will range from commercial and organisational through to leadership and communication.


more about the Award and how to apply

Application Workshops

Each term we have training workshops, these workshops are free to join and are a chance for you to find out more about the awards, how to apply and ask any questions you may have. 

We have no upcoming workshops at the moment, but please keep your eyes peeled for next terms opportunities! 

How Does It Work?

It's simple, and we'll help you every step of the way to achieve your award:

Stage 1: Award Application

Your first stage is to complete a short online form that indicates your current activities and whether you are applying for the Bronze, Silver or Gold Leadership Award.

You will provide contact details for somebody who can confirm your involvement in the activities and identify a number of skills you have developed through your experience.

Stage 2: Leadership Portfolio

This is an opportunity for you to provide supporting evidence of your activities. This stage is as an opportunity to focus and reflect on the skills and experience you have gained through your participation and contributions.

The portfolio element is submitted with your award application, however although it can be used to evidence all Award levels, it is only a requirement for Silver and Gold Leadership Award applications.

Stage 3: Verification

Once you have submitted your Leadership Portfolio, it will be reviewed by the relevant department.

At this stage the person you have nominated to confirm your involvement will be asked to do so and provide comments regarding your involvement.

Stage 4: Award Notification

Once your portfolio has been reviewed and activities verified, you will receive a notification that your Award is ready for collection from the relevant department.

Should you require any further evidence to achieve the award or have not met the relevant requirements, you will be contacted by a member of the Award team who will advise you of the next steps to take.


Next Steps

The level of Award you are eligible to achieve is dependent on the nature of your involvement, and your ability to provide supporting evidence of this. Within your submission you may include any evidence that you feel is appropriate, however see below for specific requirements for each award level. A tick indicates a required element.

  Bronze Silver Gold


Within your submission, reflect on each of the employability skills you have developed through your opportunity

Skills You Need To Demonstrate







Identify your skills

Describe the skills you have developed

Discuss how your skills have been developed and applied

Verification Contact

This is a person who is willing to be contacted to confirm your involvement in your activity(s)

Opportunity Completion Form

Records your opportunity dates, activities and development


Photos and Other Media

These are photos / videos / other media that can evidence your involvement and activities


Peer / Leader Reference

This is the section where you can provide a written reference from somebody who is aware of your role / participation

Optional Optional Optional


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