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Here you can find useful notes on the different stages of submitting your application to be considered for a Leadership Award.

Award Skills

Here you provide the details of the skills you believe you have developed through your opportunity. Take your time to identify those that you have developed the most through your role, and those that you believe will benefit your future employability. There are requirements around this depending on which Award level you wish to achieve, these are as follows:

  • To achieve the Bronze Award, you must include a skill from at least two of the skills categories;
  • To achieve the Silver Award you must include a skill from at least three of the skills categories;
  • To achieve the Gold Award you must include a skills from all five of the skills categories.

A full list of eligible skills can be explored here:

See All Award Skills

Who Can Verify Your Participation?

In this section you need to provide contact details for a verifier, someone who you have worked with and who can confirm your involvement This would normally be the person who is the lead contact for the activity you take part in, and could be a member of staff or a student leader.

It is important you ensure you get permission from the person whose details you wish to include. A template for requesting this permission can be found here:

Download Verifier Template (DOC)

Once you have obtained permission, please provide the following information in the space provided on the form:

  • Name;
  • Role;
  • Contact E-mail; and
  • Contact Telephone Number

Opportunity Completion Form

The contact who is verifying your participation in your activity will need to complete the following form, you then need to share it with us:

Download Opportunity Completion Form (DOC)

Submitting Evidence

This is your opportunity to provide links to supporting documents that will support your application. See the evidence checklist below for the supporting information required for different levels of the award. A guide to creating a shareable link for any content is available to download below:

Evidence Checklist

The level of Award you are eligible to achieve is dependent on the nature of your involvement, and your ability to provide supporting evidence of this. Within your submission you may include any evidence that you feel is appropriate, however see below for specific requirements for each award level. A tick indicates a required element.

  Bronze Silver Gold


Within your submission, reflect on each of the employability skills you have developed through your opportunity







Identify your skills

Describe the skills you have developed

Discuss how your skills have been developed and applied

Verification Contact

This is a person who is willing to be contacted to confirm your involvement in your activity(s)

Opportunity Completion Form

Records your opportunity dates, activities and development


Photos and Other Media

These are photos / videos / reflections and other media that can evidence your involvement and activities


Peer / Leader Reference

This is the section where you can provide a written reference from somebody who is aware of your role / participation

Optional Optional Optional