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Current location: Coventry

Are you considering or planning a career in teaching but need extra experience? Then our School Modules and General Placements are perfect for you.  We have partnerships with 25 schools in the Coventry area, across Primary, and Secondary, and Special Educational Schools, so the possibilities are endless and can be easily adapted to your career goals!

We fund your DBS, and provide training before matching you up with a school according to your interests and availability. Our General Placement programme opens in week 5 of each semester, so if you want to find out more about our current opportunities, email us on

Available Opportunities

Our placement programme offers opportunities throughout the academic year:


Arranging your own placement

Whilst CUSU can arrange a placement in Coventry, this might not be convenient if you live outside the city. In these circumstances, students can arrange their own placement in their local community. It isn't as scary as you think, as most schools need volunteers to support their pupil.

We have put together this information to help you arrange your own placement, which contains an email template you can use to contact schools.

We offer pupils at schools the chance to get involved with Extra curricular activities, including Chess Club and Code Club. As a student placement, you'll be assisting in helping enrich children's learning experiences in a way that is different from the classroom.

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1. Sign up with us so we can help you find opportunities, keep you up to date with our latest news and support you whilst on your placement.

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3. You will need to sign up for training and start the DBS process. Once the DBS is complete we can place you in a school

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