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School placements

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain experience and for schools to benefit from a wealth of student expertise in a range of subjects.

Would you like to benefit from student support whilst providing students with valuable school’s experience?

Please note: these students are NOT trainee teachers.

The classroom experience gained by students wishing to pursue a career in teaching is invaluable, it also offers students the opportunity who are keen to share their passions for certain subjects the chance to inspire or encourage pupils across Coventry.

Schools that accept students should ensure that they receive adequate supervision on school premises. Students have requested to support teachers in the classroom and should remain under the supervision of a teacher at all times and should not conduct lessons themselves.

All our students will have completed their DBS check before being placed in a school.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students can I have?

It is up to you how many students you can have, you could spread the support over a range of classes and subjects.

What types of activities can the students undertake?

Some students will need to write a reflective portfolio so they will need to undertake experiences that will allow them to build and reflect on their skills. Students can support pupils on a one to one or a small group basis in a range of activities.

Should students be in school all day?

We request that students are in school for 1 to 2 hours depending on the opportunity they are participating in. All students are different and some will want to complete more than the recommended hours, this can be arranged between yourselves and the student.

Essential Documents

What We Offer

We offer a variety of programmes to support your schools, these include:

Extra-Curricular Clubs

Would you like some of our students to help you in setting up before and after school clubs for your learners? This programme is dependant on the interests and expertise of our diverse student community, previously successful clubs have included creative writing, mixed sports, arts and crafts. 

Code Club

In collaboration Code Club this is the opportunity for 9-13 year olds to engage and develop new skills learning computer code. Our students are trained by the Code Club team before supporting your school pupils to learn code through designing and making their own games, animations and websites.

Sports Coaching

We have many sports students who would like the chance to assist with sport related activities to encourage and motivate pupils in to sport.

Student Tutoring

This opportunity places students in a classroom environment supporting teachers in a subject of their choice. This opportunity can be in a local Coventry school or the student can find their own school placement.

International Language Support

Our International Language Support programme involves our students, fluent in or a native speaker in a language other than English, to assist pupils in your school with a lower level of English. 

Right to Read

Right to Read is a programme designed for 1 hour sessions for 10 weeks with a pupil who requires assistance, enabling them to build their confidence and reading abilities. This opportunity pairs a student with a pupil to improve their literacy through adapting activities and games to increase involvement thorough fun activities.

School Inspired Projects

Do you have a project or one-off event that doesn't fit into these categories? We are keen to work with our school partners to design and support projects that really meet their needs. Previous school inspired projects have included: Science Days, Harry Potter Week and Deaf Tennis Family Days. Anything you can conceive, our students can help you to achieve.

Placement process

Before the placement

Students will be given essential training before commencing their placement. These sessions include general information about their chosen project, what will be expected of them whilst they are in school, communicating with pupils, classroom conduct and Safeguarding children. We do ask each school to give school specific guidelines, detailing their own practices during induction.

DBS disclosure

All of our students complete an Enhanced DBS check before commencing their placement. When the participants visit your school for the first time they will bring their DBS certificate with them along with a DBS confirmation letter. Please ensure that this letter is signed by a member of staff and returned to the student to hand back. They will not be able to commence their placement with you until they have done this.

If you have any questions about any aspect of the Schools Programme please contact

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