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School placements

Our school placement opportunities are a fantastic way for our students to gain experience, whilst local schools benefit from their subject experience and passion.

Would you like to benefit from student support whilst providing students with valuable school’s experience?

The classroom experience gained by students wishing to pursue a career in teaching is invaluable, it also offers students the opportunity who are keen to share their passions for certain subjects the chance to inspire or encourage pupils across Coventry.

Schools that accept students should ensure that they receive adequate supervision on school premises. Students have requested to support teachers in the classroom and should remain under the supervision of a teacher at all times and should not conduct lessons themselves.

All our students will have completed their DBS check before being placed in a school.

Please note: our student volunteers are NOT trainee teachers.


What We Offer

We offer a variety of programmes to support your schools, these include:

Student Tutoring

This opportunity places students in a classroom environment supporting teachers in a subject of their choice (maths, English, media etc).

International Language Support

Our International Language Support programme involves our students, fluent in or a native speaker in a language other than English, to assist pupils in your school with a lower level of English. 

Right to Read

Right to Read is a programme designed for 1-hour sessions over 8-10 weeks with a pupil who requires assistance, enabling them to build their confidence and reading abilities. This opportunity pairs a student with a pupil to improve their literacy through adapting activities and games to increase involvement thorough fun activities.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

Would you like some of our students to help you in setting up before and after school clubs for your learners? This programme is dependent on the interests and expertise of our diverse student community, previously successful clubs have included creative writing, mixed sports, arts and crafts. 

Code Club

In collaboration Code Club this is the opportunity for 9-13 year olds to engage and develop new skills learning computer code. Our students are trained by the Code Club team before supporting your school pupils to learn code through designing and making their own games, animations and websites.

Sports and Special Interests

We have many sports students who would like the chance to assist with specific related activities to encourage and motivate pupils in after-school activity.

School Inspired Projects

We are keen to work with our school partners to design and support projects that really meet their needs. Previous school inspired projects have included: Science Days, Harry Potter Week and Sports Days.


Our process

How to join?

It would be great to have your school or college join our scheme, as each year we have more students wanting to get school experience. Firstly, read the 'Information for Schools' document below to get a better idea of the programme and how it works. Once you have decided to go for it, click on the 'Apply here' link below and give us as much detail as possible. Once we have the form, we will start looking for suitable students for you.

Before the placement

Students will be given basic training before starting their placement, including teaching methods and theory, placement expectations and behaviour, classroom conduct and an overview of safeguarding practices.

All of our students complete an Enhanced DBS check before commencing their placement. When the participants visit your school for the first time they will bring their DBS certificate with them along with a DBS confirmation letter. This letter needs to be signed by a member of staff and for the student to give to us for our records.

School Induction

Whilst our students will have received some training before starting their placement, they will also require you to complete this School Induction Checklist to ensure the Student Volunteer understands expectations and key policies of your school. Your induction should include:

  • An introduction to relevant teaching staff they will be working with
  • A tour of the school (at least the department the students are working in)
  • Guidance on their role whilst on their placement, including dress code and school expectations
  • Access to resources to support the experience they will be having in the classroom
  • Essential school policies; health and safety, child protection and safeguarding procedures

If you have any questions about any aspect of the Schools Programme please contact


Essential Documents for Schools

Read ReadInformation for Schools
Apply here
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many students can I have?

It is entirely your decision, you could spread the support over a range of classes and subjects or start with a smaller number of volunteers and build up to more as you feel more able. We are here to support your school's needs.

What types of activities can the students undertake?

Our students are not trainee teachers so they should not be expected to teach an entire class, instead it is advised you are guided by the individual student’s confidence. They are usually most comfortable supporting pupils one-to-one or in small groups, but some students will develop confidence to be able to deliver activities to a class.

Should students be in school all day?

Ideally students should be in school for 1 -2 hours per session, but we understand circumstances may require students’ to complete longer sessions but this has to be agreed by both the school and the student. Before each placement commences the school contact will receive a confirmation email detailing the placement type and breakdown of the hours. Some students may want to complete more than the recommended hours and that can be arranged between yourselves and the students, however where students are completing considerably more than the recommended allocation notify us so we can keep a record.




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