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The Employability Team is made up of Devina, Debra, Chris, Ruth, Marian, Scarlet, Rudolph, Jodie, Tracy and Kevin. Scroll down to find out a little bit more about us - our roles and what we do in our spare time! 



Devina Whitwell

Employability Services Manager

My hobbies and interests include: Singing as loudly as I can, I absolutely love musical theatre and if I could have had another career it would have been to perform for a living.

A little extra about me: I have worked for the SU for 5 years now and I am really committed to helping all students articulate the skills and experiences they have gained during their time at Coventry.





Debra Jackson

Assistant Employability Manager

My responsibilities in the team are anything to do with schools' placements, including teaching across 5 modules and co-ordinating school placement programmes.

On evenings and weekends I spend a lotof time making acrylic and resin jewellery and homewares. I also enjoy reading, binge watching TV, and eating out.


Scarlet Moss

Employability Lecturer

Hello! My name's Scarlet, and I am one of the Employability Lecturers here at Coventry University Students' Union. I look after the Sport and Society, Students' Union Placement and Career Development Modules as part of the Addvantage Scheme, and I am also currently planning a schedule of Alumni project activity at the Students' Union (so watch this space!) I've been in the Students' Unions for around 6 years now, and my favourite thing about this type of work is getting to work with you, the students! No two days are ever the same, and I love being able to work on a variety of different projects and activities at once!



Ruth Randell

BSL Employability Lecturer

I am one of the Employability BSL lecturers in CUSU.  I teach university students British Sign Language and employability skills.

My hobbies and interests include: Hiking, watching films, caravanning, camping, swimming, and meeting up with friends or family. If I have time, I would do sewing and some crafts. A little extra about me: I have 2 moggies, Daffy and Teaorro. I also look after a Border collie dog Lucy who thinks that she is a hearing dog!


Marian White

BSL Employability Lecturer

My hobbies and interests include: Family time, chill- out at home, cooking with organic food. Watch classic TV Drama programmes such as Poirot. I enjoy going to deaf – led theatres along with the provision of BSL Interpreters. Being active within the deaf community as British Deaf Association mentor and Job coach, I like to keep abreast of latest benefits and training opportunities within the labour market for deaf and hard of hearing people who are unfortunately, remotely isolated. A little extra about me: Wow… I can’t believe how the time flies. I have been with the employability team for two years. It has been lovely to see how the students developed their signing skills by working hard on their modules.


Chris Deez

Employability Administrator

I support the Employability Team by tracking student statistics, engagement, answeting queries and keeping platforms such as Aula up to date. I also run our Social Media channels! My hobbies and interests are very boring! I love nothing more than a good sit down, spending time with my wife Hannah, 1.5 year old son Oscar and 6 week old daughter Felicity. I am one of the newest members of the team, having joined in September 2021 but I am loving everything about CUSU so far!


Jodie Liversidge

SU Employability Skills Manager

I help to teach first year Volunteering in the Community and help to coordinate placements. As well, I help to deliver the Leadership Award and prestigious CUSU Awards.

I like to spend time with my friends and family, shopping and travelling. I also have a lovely Russian Blue cat called Luna.


Tracy Reay

Volunteering & Community Coordinator

Hello, I’m your Volunteering & Community Coordinator, I support external charities (and internal departments as well) to promote volunteering opportunities to recruit students.  I can advise and support you in finding a volunteering opportunity too.   Throughout the year I also organise volunteering events such as I Want to Volunteer Taster Days, Volunteering Fairs and Student Volunteering Week. My interests and hobbies are spending time with my family and friends, travelling, watching movies and most importantly love a cake or two ??

Kevin Kirugi

Employability Project Coordinator

My responsibilities in the team include coordinating new and current projects, including Leadership Award, Badges and to actively promote services and manage communication through social media, CUSU website and appropriate University channels.

I like spending time with family and friends. I'm a regular gym goer and also play regularly for a football team on weekends when I’m not working. My favourite football team is Manchester United. One thing I’d like to do is skydiving however, I’m afraid of heights and I’m trying to figure out how I can overcome this.


Rudolph Asumda

Employability Lecturer

I am Rudolph Asumda an Employability Lecturer teaching the Effective Communication Skills and Volunteering in the Community modules. Prior to taking on this role, I worked as a PhD Tutor for over 2 years under the Scholars Program (TSP) where I developed a course on Social Media and Mental Health and taught students in underprivileged secondary schools in the Midlands and Warwickshire. Supporting students to achieve their ambitions through education is my passion, and my current role as Employability Lecturer allows me to do just that.


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