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The Play Must Go Online

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04/06/2020, 19:00
04/06/2020, 22:00
The Play Must Go Online

Cut through the gloom with the words of a man who knew a thing or two about plagues: Mr William Shakespeare.  The Show Must Go Online is a digital project led by classical actor and director Robert Myles that aims to bring The Bard’s words to life by reading them out loud at a time when conventional live performance is verboten. Professional actors and experienced amateurs are invited to sign up to do a weekly reading, and the public can follow along on YouTube. They’re going through all his plays from A to Z.

Robert Myles - Director & Creator

“I love Shakespeare. I act it, direct it, I run workshops for actors, offer one-to-one coaching, and created The Shakespeare Deck to help people get the most out of his extraordinary language. Being from working class origins, I also believe Shakespeare is for everyone. He was writing to entertain, move and provoke society as a whole, from groundlings to monarchs. This universal appeal is right there in the language, the humour, the characters.

"The Show Must Go Online utilises global casts, including professionals and amateurs, all of whom donate their time and talent freely to entertain, and make Shakespeare accessible at a time when theatre faces what feels like an existential crisis.

"We are here to surprise and delight. We hope you enjoy it.”

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