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Worry Management | Mind Workshops | Academic Wellbeing

By: Wellbeing and Mental Health

Time and Venue

14/04/2021, 13:00
14/04/2021, 14:30


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Worry Management | Mind Workshops | Academic Wellbeing

Please note, this course is external, you will need to reserve your space on the course by following the instructions in your ticket receipt.

Mind is a national charity that supports anyone experiencing a mental health problem. Through advice, support and workshops Mind aims to raise awareness and understanding around the topic of Mental Health. 


Worry Management

Date: 14.04.2021

Time: 1pm - 2.30pm

This course is designed to develop an understanding of worry and to teach practical techniques and strategies commonly used in worry management. Some useful techniques taught during the course include; classifying worries, worry time, problem solving, challenging unhelpful thinking styles and learning to explore how we maintain our worries. 

It also aims to explain the differences between anxiety and worry. There are several helpful techniques that can be used to manage our daily worries, and they can be very effective.

For the course you will need:

- A laptop, smartphone or tabled with a connection to the internet.

Learning Outcomes:

- Understanding the differences between worry and anxiety.

- Understanding worry management.

- Learning how to manage worries using some helpful techniques and stratergies.

- Learning to challenge unhelpful thinking styles.

Aimed at:

This course is for anyone who needs support to manage their worrying and those who feel that worrying is overtaking their life and becoming problematic.




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