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Housing Fair

Housing Fair

The Hub

25/01/2022, 11:00 - 25/01/2022, 15:00

Housing Fair

A chance to review your housing options and interact with providers all under one roof!

Housing is one of those issues that affects every single student that comes through our doors From your first-year halls accommodation to the end of your time at university, we want to ensure that you're getting the most out of your housing experience. After your first year, it's likely that you'll move into private accommodation – this is where the Housing Fair comes in. From a room in Purpose-built Student Accommodation (PBSA) to sharing a Home in Multiple Occupation (HMO) and everything in-between, our Housing Fair will provide you with all the options you need under one roof!

Student welfare is paramount, so all housing exhibitors and advertisers have been through a vetting process to ensure they meet the minimum standards set down. Our advice team and welfare reps will also be on hand on the day to help you, with the opportunity to have your contract checked. A housing contract is a long-term journey and it's important that you know your rights as a prospective tenant, from before you sign right through until the return of your deposit. We want to empower you to challenge unfair treatment and help you save money in the long run.

You can sign up to our housing mailing list and find more advice handy articles on your housing rights to sure that you become a savvy tenant, whether that's by saving yourself a bit of money or avoiding common housing mistakes. Just click on the following link

See you there!

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