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Current location: Coventry

LGBTQIA+ Awareness and Inclusion Training

Time and Venue

07/02/2017, 12:30
07/02/2017, 13:30
LGBTQIA+ Awareness and Inclusion Training


As part of LGBT History Month 2017, members of the CUSU LGBTQIA+ Society have designed and will be delivering a 1 hour training session that offers staff and students the opportunity to learn more about the LGBTQIA+ community within a HE context.

The session will cover the following:

  • LGBTQIA+ pronouns and terminology
  • Key issues that affect LGBTQIA+ students around the UK and at Coventry University
  • New ideas and concepts around promoting a more inclusive curriculum and learning environment for the LGBTQIA+ student community
  • Your questions and your ideas!

Whether you have lots of knowledge around the LGBTQIA+ community or none at all then this session is for you. We want to learn from you and try to answer any questions you might have if this is all new!

There will be opportunity for staff and students to ask questions and discuss ideas within a safe and inclusive environment.

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