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Current location: Coventry

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19/10/2019, 10:00
19/10/2019, 16:00
Investment Banking Simulation

Coventry University Investment Society will be running a 1-day training program on Investment Banking provided by Finsimco, which is a financial services company incubated by Morgan Stanley.



If you attend, you will:

  • run your own simulated investment bank, you will experience watching your P&L rise and fall

  • receive real-life experience of the sort of work investment banks will want you to do

  • compete against other teams in your own market, not against a computer. The simulation involves competition between teams and risk-taking elements to excite people

  • negotiate and buy & sell financial products


Every participant will receive a certificate which they can put on their CV to indicate that they have hands-on experience of investment banking work.

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