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Women In Business Virtual summit 2021

By: Investment

Time and Venue

19/04/2021, 17:00
21/04/2021, 20:00
Women In Business Virtual summit 2021

We are excited to be hosting the last Women In Business event of the academic year, organised by Coventry University Investment Society. The event will run over the course of 3 days. An opportunity for students to gain a greater perspective into women who have successfully navigated their careers in a range of leading industries. Our amazing line-up of speakers have developed years of experience and knowledge in their fields and will be giving us insights into what they've learnt over the years.

Date: 19th - 21st April

Day 1 - Women In Property

Property investment is a financially rewarding investment option, and anyone can get involved. In fact, it is one of the most common forms of investment. Women bring a huge amount of creativity and a different perspective to the table which the industry needs. Hear from women who have vast knowledge in the property industry with a wide range of experiences from property development and investment to domestic and International Property.

Day 2 - Women In Investing/Venture Capital

Looking into the area of Investing/Venture Capital and how women funders are establishing firms to support women founders and co-founders, driving innovation and entrepeneurship. A discussion into why we need to address the ethnic and gender disparity within VC, and how it could play a significant role in ensuring groups from under-represented backgrounds gain access to the right resources and capital they need.

Day 3 - Women In Business & Leadership

An opportunity to hear from women who have successfuly being able to succesfully navigate their careers and work their way up. Redefining what it means to be a Woman In Leaderhip, what makes a good leader and overcoming biases. How women are driving change in their workplace; paving the way and inspiring the next generation of women before them.

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