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Student Extra

Your new SU loyalty and discounts platform.

  • Join Clubs & Societies
  • Local Offers and Discounts
  • Just £5!

Exclusively for Cov Uni and CU Coventry students, get discounts at local bars, shops, and restaurants, as well as discounts on Uni clothing, exclusive access to events and opportunities, and rewards throughout the year for engaging with your Students' Union.

Starting offers launch Welcome Week with new offers added each month! Buy yours now for just £5 to start joining Clubs and Societies!

Student Extra (incl. Sports & Socs Annual Subscription)

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What is Student Extra?

Student Extra combines your Sports and Societies Annual Subscription with discounts and offers on campus, online and in the city.

What's a Sports & Society Subscription?

In order to join a sports club or society you need your annual subscription, in past years this would cost £5 for the Societies Annual Subscription and £10 for Sports (or £12 for a combined subscription), and it includes insurance cover for activities with your clubs and societies.

This year we've combined the two into Student Extra so you get access to clubs and societies for just £5 AND from Welcome Week 2021 you'll have discounts and offers to save you money!

Do I have to join Clubs and Societies?

Not at all! You should definitely have a look as they are a great way to make friends, try new things, build skills but you can just buy Student Extra for the discounts.

When will I get my discounts?

The discounts and offers launch in Week 1 (September 13th 2021) and your £5 gives you access to discounts all the way through until the end of the academic year giving you savings every month.

How will I access my offers?

You'll be able to access your offers via both an app and website. Once the offers launch you'll receive an email invite to activate your account.

Can I buy this if I'm not in Coventry?

You probably shouldn't. This year Student Extra is running for Coventry students so the offers will be centred on the city and it allows access to Coventry clubs and societies. In future years we hope to roll it out to other campuses.

Is this linked to the Students' Union?

Yes, 100%. This is exclusively for CUSU members and part of our objective to save students money and improve the student experience.

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