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Housing Advice

Finding the right accommodation is not always easy. That is why at CUSU we are committed to supporting students to make finding their accommodation that much easier.

This year in particular has been very different due to the Covid-19 pandemic and changed the way in which students look at accommodation. Our advice to you is don't rush to rent, don't sign tenancy agreements for next year’s accommodation just yet.

Before you make a decision go through some of the supportive information below. We want you to be well-informed beforehand because once you sign an agreement it is legally binding.

We also want to stress that private accommodation is not owned or influenced by the University; therefore, if there are any changes to teaching next year this will not impact tenancy agreements unless stated in your individual contract.

If you need further support at any stage, you can book an appointment with the Student Union Advice Centre (SUAC) on their webpage.

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