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Tell us why you love your course for a chance to win £1000!

Submit a video, create a pop-up stand, run a social media campaign, or flex your entrepreneurial muscles.

Pop-up Exhibition

Work with your coursemates to showcase the best of your course to win one of eight £1000 prizes!

The exhibition will take place on Tuesday 4th February 2020. The deadline for submissions is Friday 17th January 2020.

Social Media Campaign

Get on your socials and shout out about how much - and why - you love your course to win £50!

Social campaign must include a multimedia element and be posted between 27th January and 4th February 2020.

Video Submission

Create a video by yourself or with coursemates telling us why your course is the best and you could win £500.

Videos must be submitted by 31st January 2020. No technical skill required! You'll be judged on content, not video-making ability.

Enterprise Proposal

Demonstrate the expertise you've gained on your course with a business or creative proposal to receive mentoring from local businesses and the Enterprise Hub and £1000 towards your idea.

Coventry University and Coventry University, London only.

Current selection: No